Five Poetry Collection E-books using Themes of Floral Growth

Enjoy these floral poetry collections this spring. Explore these five recommendations of floral poetry that represent love, healing, acceptance and growing.

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We can find solace in poetry collections. This March is all about spring, which is new beginnings and times to flourish and blossom. Here are five poetic e-books to check out that show floral themes in terms of growth, healing, and love.

I Saw You as a Flower by Ellen Everett


There is a time for everything–to wither, grow, and blossom. This poetry collection has heartbreak, finding love and growth for oneself. These poems resonate with those who love too deeply, break too easily, and for those who continue to rise and confront their deepest sorrows. You will grasp a sense of survival, power and overcoming.

Blooming by Alexandra Vasiliu


Themes of femininity, self discovery, love, and healing through affection are seen in this collection. Divided into chapters: seeding, growth, blooming; a metaphor of deep feelings that grow into flowers. This is meant to inspire and resonate with the reader’s own experiences. This e-book does not show illustrations.

Flowers on the Moon by Billy Chapata


This is Chapata’s second poetry collection. It contains a series of prose and poetry through personal advice and experience. With familiar themes of love, loss, resilience, and growth you can celebrate humanity’s worth. It leaves readers feeling self-acceptance through troubled times.

Bleeding Flowers by Shay Siegel


This poetry collection discusses true events and true feelings; it explores pure honest betrayal, raw suffering, and brokenness. Whether you were broken by loss, deep thoughts, heartbreak or loneliness. The ability to face this pain head-on can bring solace, aid, and survival to your heart and soul.

Healing is a Gift by Alexandra Vasiliu


This poetry collection is about changing your old self, loving and appreciating oneself, and more growth that can turn your soul beautiful. This is about healing and the positive message behind it: “When overcoming adversities, let go of your past, mend your heart’s wounds.”

I recommend these floral themed poetry collections for March’s spring this year. Go to Bookstr to discover more poetry.