Five Contemporary Books To Help You Beat The Heat

Trying to keep cool in this heat? Try these five contemporary books to keep you out of the sun. (By staying inside and reading of course).

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As a ginger and a fair-skinned individual who spends a lot of time in the sun, I use sunblock religiously. But I’m not here to talk about how SPF 50 is the best sunblock, I’m here to recommend books for you to enjoy whilst getting out of this not-so-delightful heat. And also, stay safe if you’re reading outside–always remember sunblock is a must and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water!


Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan


Late in her senior year, Morgan is forced to transfer high schools as being queer is against her old Catholic school’s code of conduct. There, the elite track star meets mechanic/pageant queen Ruby. As the year goes by, they grow closer, and whilst Morgan wants to take their relationship to the next level, Ruby isn’t so ready. Morgan is ready for a fresh start and Ruby is afraid of the truth–can they make it?

Places We’ve Never Been by Kasie West


Norah and Skyler haven’t seen each other in years and recently, their friendship has been diminished to nothing short of liking each other’s posts on Instagram. But, her hope to save her rocky relationship is relying on the joint cross-country RV trip with their families. But, Skyler seems colder than ever and Norah has to accept she’s going to lose her oldest friendship. And when the friends grow to see each other in a new light, just like before, everything Norah thought she knew she was no longer certain of.

Float by Kate Marchant


Waverly Lyons has grown up in Fairbanks, Alaska, and caught between her parent’s divorce and with no options, she is forced to go to sunny Holden, Florida. But there are two things–she hates the sun and she can’t swim. Enter the boy next door, Blake, who welcomes her into his group and helps Waverly find herself, a found family, and feelings for him. And just as things start to look up she must remember: that every summer must come to an end.

One Last Greek Summer by Mandy Baggot


Beth is thirty-one, newly divorced as she gears up to take her summer in Corfu, Greece with her best friend. It is the place where she spent her summers as a teenage girl and found the man she never would quite forget–Alex Hallas. And as their relationship rekindles, dancing under stars and with sand between their toes, she can’t help but feel ready to take back her life and to love who she has become.

Not Your Average Hot Guy by Gwenda Bond


Only wanting a quiet weekend, Callie promised her mother she could run the family business (escape rooms). But when a cult breaks in and steals a real grimoire in an effort to start the end of the world, that weekend goes awry. In comes Luke–the literal prince of Hell who has grouped up with the two mortals in an effort to stop the end of the world. The issue is–can the prince of Hell and history geek Callie keep their feelings for one another in check as the world burns around them?

I hope these books, albeit “hot as hell” and with a splash of summer sun help you to keep cool! And remember: always wear your sunblock, drink plenty of water and keep reading! In fact, do all three at once– we here at Bookstr won’t judge you (just do it safely).

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