Five Bookish Tattoos To Inspire Book Lovers

What better way to show your love of a book then getting it permanently inked? Here’s some cool bookish tattoos that really set the bar.

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It’s not everyday that a book makes such an impact you feel the need to tattoo it on your body. Not everyone is willing to take that step, and that’s okay! I made the decision to and everyday I’m reminded of the love I have for that book. Personally, I would absolutely recommend doing it. But if you are still struggling with what you want, here’s five cool bookish tattoos that could inspire your own.

But before we get into it, these tattoos have already been done and your own tattoo should not be done exactly like it unless you have consent from the artist. Tattoos are still an art form and your body should be covered in its own unique expressions. Remember: tattoos will be on you for the rest of your life.

1. Books and Flowers


This incredible artwork is by Jay, an artist based in Aldershot, England, but I found it on Pinterest. This amazing tattoo is so simple, yet so extravagant—it makes for a beautiful piece which may hold a deeper meaning to the owner. It could also pass as something not bookish related, but that’s not what we’re going for here. All in all, a beautiful piece. Go check out Jay on her Instagram, @jherellejaytattoo.

2. Books and Dragons


What would this article be without a bookish dragon tattoo inspiration? This incredible piece is done by Yazz, based in Heerfen in the Netherlands, who specializes in illustrations, floral, animal, fine-line, anime, game and movie tattoos. And based on her Instagram, they truly set the bar with the designs. Go check out their work for yourself @yazzink!

3. A Quote You Love


There is nothing wrong with getting a quote that made an impact on your life tattooed. It could be a daily reminder that you are making it and your favorite characters are with you every step of the way. I personally love the dainty little ones and this The Song of Achilles quotes is one of those that has taken the world by storm. I couldn’t find an artist to credit for this piece, but still found it very cute.

4. A Sword


I admit this is not specifically a bookish tattoo, but for my Fantasy readers out there, the perfect sword is EVERYTHING. I also admit that I want a sword tattoo and this is kind of from my personal collection of tattoo inspiration on Pinterest (everyone has one, right?). This stunning and simplistic piece is done by Maria Garza (@brightbones on Instagram), who is a resident artist at Inked.

5. A Favorite Childhood Book Character


This beautiful piece, done by Susanna König, is the perfect example of storybook characters come to life. Character tattoos can be anywhere between simple fine-line, extravagant or somewhere in-between. Any character, any book, any idea is possible. But go check out Susanna’s work @suflanda on Instagram!

I hope these five tattoos can offer you even an inkling of inspiration for your next tattoo. Just remember, your idea is possible—all you have to do is give it to an artist or even create it yourself. The options are limitless when it comes to permanent artwork. Happy tattooing!