Five ‘Allegiant’ Quotes That Could Impact Your Life

Here are five quotes from the ‘Allegiant’ film that can apply to your life and make you think. When it comes to perspectives on individuality and society, these quotes will stay with you.

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Allegiant is the third installment of the Divergent book series. The film has some differences from the physical book but is filled with action and true meaning when it comes to being an individual. There are many lessons you can learn from Allegiant as this trilogy comes to its end. Here are five quotes that can impact your life.

Johanna from Allegiant

1. “Great leaders don’t seek power. They’re called by necessity.”

Johanna ‘Allegiant’

Johanna was an invigorating character that was humble and put people first in her faction. Now, this quote shows why she became the leader of the Allegiant group and represents what leadership is.

Tris with short hair and white dress

2. “Human beings cannot be categorized in this way. It doesn’t work. Maybe it’s time to start embracing people instead of dividing them into groups.”

Tris ‘Allegiant’

This is when Tris is aware of how dangerous David’s plans are and how he wants to bring the factions back. However, this quote teaches us that we have several layers and we cannot be categorized. You are not one label, you can be different things all wrapped up into one unique human being.

Tris and David sitting in seats

3. “You want change with no sacrifice. Peace with no struggles. The world doesn’t work like that.”

David ‘Allegiant’

This is David’s response to the second previous quote said by Tris. His quote has some truth to it. For there to be a good change, several hurdles and tests come along the way. However, his perspective is a negative one, seeing as he wants everyone to be put in a box once again.

Four holding his mother Evelyn

4. “What you do to this city, you do to me.”

Four ‘Allegiant’

Four has finally met his mother Evelyn, but she is on David’s side. He tries to persuade her to join his side and understand his perspective. At this moment, David plans to erase everyone’s memories, which will affect Four too. Now, this quote can resemble how our actions affect others. In this case, how we treat others can also impact the way people we are close to perceive us.

buildings with a hologram of Tris

5. “We’re gonna tear down our wall.”

Tris ‘Allegiant’

Finally, this is short and metaphorical. We all have walls, as individuals, there are many layers to us as people. Throughout the trilogy, society has put you in a faction catered to your most dominant traits. However, we can all be brave, smart, humble, and more. This quote is important to keep in mind in life, especially when letting people in. Tearing down walls with new individuals and also yourself can lead to new opportunities and experiences.

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