First Look at ‘Joker: Folie à deux’ and Sequel Predictions!

Todd Phillips just released a first look behind the scenes of ‘Joker: Folie à deux’ on Instagram, and everyone is losing their minds!

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joker first look of authur fleck getting a shave on his face-- with a cutout of joker and Harley Quinn with a red background

The script is completely tight-lipped, so we know little to nothing about Joker 2. What we do know is Lady Gaga will be playing a rendition of Harley Quinn. Some people have speculated that her character will be a musical prose to this Jokerverse. There’s been a mixed reaction to this revelation, but considering how off-the-wall Arthur Fleck was, it wouldn’t be bizarre. I’d say a good third of the film, Arthur was dancing away his problems, so would a singing Harley be that bad? Time will tell, but I’m trying to have positive thoughts. 

Folie à deux

Joker Folie à deux red script

Now, what the heck does Folie à deux mean, you ask. This term is for two people that are close associates and share the same mental illness. If anyone is familiar with the Harley Quinn and Joker dynamic, they would know they are two obsessive characters. Harley’s obsessed with the Joker… and the Joker is obsessed with the Batman. The Joker in the comics is mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive to Harley Quinn because he’s a sadistic maniac that only has one thing on his mind: killing the Batman. Plus, he knows Harley won’t ever truly leave him, so he continues his torture for fun.

Lady Gaga-- Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker

Authur’s Joker is very different from his comic counterpart because we have reasoning for his madness, and Bruce Wayne is still too young to be Batman. So will this relationship work between Harley and the Joker? We’ve seen Jared Leto’s Joker and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn briefly in the Suicide Squad, whereas we saw that Leto’s Joker actually appeared to care about Harley to some extent. The Suicide Squad borrowed a lot of Harley’s backstory from Mad Love, which was a part of the Batman Animated Series. The show quite literally birthed Harley. 

Harley Quinn’s Origin Story

Mad Love comic book-- Harley Quinn origin story

In Mad Love, Harley Quinn was first a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum as Dr. Harleen Quinzel. She meets the Joker, and as she begins her treatment and therapy sessions with him, she falls in love. He tells his backstory (and he probably lies about everything because the Joker’s true backstory will never be clear) to seduce her into letting him out. From then on, she was head over heels and wished to be at his side at all times. In the New 52 revamp, a similar backstory is in place; however, Harley falls into a pit of acid just like the Joker.


Now how will this backstory affect Joker 2? No idea, but we have a few predictions. Harley and Joker will meet at Arkham (OBVIOUSLY). Now, will Harley be a doctor or another patient? Let’s consider the Folie à deux title. Two people share the same delusions, so Harley must be patient, right? Here’s a thought, Harley PRETENDS to be a psychiatrist to “help” Arthur and to get close to him. If you can remember from the ending of the Joker movie, he became a bit of an icon. What if Gaga’s Harley was a fan of his work and decided to break into Arkham and act as a doctor, and instead of helping him, she feeds into his delusions? 

The first Joker movie is filled with deception and lies. Arthur’s coworker trick and snitch him to the police. Arthur lies to the audience about his relationship with his neighbor. Arthur’s mother lies about basically EVERYTHING, and Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro) deceives Arthur to come on his show to humiliate him on live TV. So what better way to continue these trends of lies than not have Harley become a doctor in disguise? Is your mind blown?!

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