First Look At Harry Styles In ‘My Policeman’ Adaptation

One of the most anticipated book-to-screen adaptations, My Policeman, will be making its way to theaters this Fall with Harry Styles at the forefront as Tom Burgess.

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Another romantic drama novel will be gracing our cinema and television screens with none other than the beloved Harry Styles. According to Variety, My Policeman will feature a star-studded cast and a script written by Oscar-nominated writer Ron Nyswaner. British director Michael Grandage felt compelled to direct the unraveling love triangle as he compared the story to his life experience as a gay man. The intricate storyline jumps between two time periods, the 1950s and 40 years after an affair, making it one of the most anticipated book-to-movie adaptations we look forward to seeing this year.

My Policeman by Bethan Roberts

Inspiration is bound to find itself in every piece of art and literature. So, it should be no surprise that the novel My Policeman by Bethan Roberts was inspired by the life of fiction writer E.M. Forster. Roberts based his novel’s story on the relationship between E.M. Forster and long-time companion Bob Buckingham and his wife. The narrative follows an intense love triangle that never settles out until hard choices are finally made. To prepare readers, this is definitely a book that will stir up tears and mixed emotions. Nonetheless, it will be a hard book to forget, and one everyone should read at least once.

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My Policeman is a queer love story set in the 1950s Brighton, England. A young woman named Marion meets the ever-so-charming Tom. While Tom teaches Marion how to swim, she falls head over heels in love and is determined to be with him. However, Tom is gay and living in a society that views homosexuality as a crime. With society’s laws against him, he is forced to repress his true feelings and decides to date Marion. After a few years, while working as a policeman, Tom meets a museum curator named Patrick Hazelwood. Patrick invites Tom to a new and glamorous world outside his confined reality. Soon, they embark on a secret love affair. Amid romantic chaos, Tom and Marion get married to follow societal norms. My Policeman offers readers the ultimate predicament where the two lovers must share Tom or face the unbearable pain of heartbreak.

The Film Adaptation

Much like the book, the film adaptation of My Policeman will jump between two time periods. As Variety also reports, it will depict two time periods, “the 1950s, in which Tom (Styles) is navigating this love triangle with Marion (Corrin) and Patrick (Dawson); and 40 years later, when Tom (Linus Roache) and Marion’s (Gina McKee) strained life together becomes more complicated when Marion agrees to take in Patrick (Rupert Everett) after he suffers a stroke.” We won’t be able to stop talking about this film once it’s released this fall.

Director Michael Grandage will bring even more magic to the 2012 romance novel. After being gifted the book, he stated that the novel was “kind of like my coming-out book … I really think the book found me.” We can rest assured that the story is in good hands with someone who cares so deeply about its subject matter and can relate to it. Although the filming process was easy, the process of getting it off the ground was anything but easy. It took a long time for this film to get made, as many executives or producers might have doubted the film or questioned the likelihood of audience interest. However, Grandage never gave up on the story and kept pushing for the queer love story to make it to the big screen. His inspiring persistence and belief in this story made all of this possible.

Take a look at the official trailer for My Policeman.


A First Look

We’re sharing some of the first looks from the book’s anticipated adaptation. These stills make us even more excited to see Bethan Roberts’ love triangle unfold on the big screen. The first still most likely depicts our opening scene or one in the introduction sequence where Marion first meets Tom as he teaches her how to swim. By this shot alone, we can see how Marion is smitten with her swimming instructor.

harry styles, my policeman, queer, romance

The second look or still may reveal the scene where Marion meets her husband Tom’s ‘close friend,’ Patrick Hazlewood, for the first time. From left to right, David Dawson as Patrick Hazlewood, Emma Corrin as Marion Taylor, and Harry Styles as Tom Burgess. We notice the purposeful blocking or placement of these characters. Marion is standing in the middle of Tom and Patrick. Although Tom decides to marry her and have an affair, we notice how stiff this frame looks. Marion is the only thing besides the homophobic ideas of society that is stopping these two queer characters from being together. We’re interested to see how this love triangle plays out on the screen and how it compares to the book.

harry styles, my policeman, queer, romance

My Policeman will premiere in theaters and on Amazon this upcoming fall. In the U.S. and U.K., viewers can watch the film in theaters on October 21 and stream worldwide starting November 4th.

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