Final Girls by Riley Sager is My New Favorite Novel

The term Final Girls has become an increasingly common phrase. But most don’t acknowledge where it originated. We are here to shed light on how truly iconic this novel is.

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final girls

This year I made the resolution to read much more than I did last year. Granted, last year I did read a good amount of books. But, I felt like this year I could do much better. Surprisingly I have already completed a good amount of books on my TBR, a couple of thriller books being Verity by Colleen Hoover and My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell. Where I loved these books and I found them awesome, one other thriller novel I read really shook me to my core. And that is Final Girls.

final girls
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Have you ever watched a horror movie where you screamed at the TV as if the actors really hear you telling them to not go in the basement? Are you the type to always listen to your gut? Then you would be an awesome candidate to become a Final Girl: a member of a very exclusive group of women in this adrenaline-fueled thriller.

In this story, “final girl” is the term granted to women who are the only sole survivors of gruesome mass killings. Quincy Carpenter is a Final Girl, having lived through a massacre that happened to her and her friends at Pine Cottage. Her college friends, as well as the perpetrator, were brutally killed.

There is also Sam, another final girl who survived The Sack Man motel murders, and Lisa, who escaped a bloodbath at her sorority house. Despite the brutal traumas of these women being publicized by the media, they never meet.

Years later Quincy is living a somewhat normal life. She has a successful baking blog, a loving boyfriend, and has someone to turn to to talk about her past– the cop, Coop, that saved her from the homicidal maniac. But when she learns that Lisa, a fellow final girl, has committed suicide, and Sam shows up on her doorstep, Quincy is thrown back into reliving her trauma as she struggles to find the truth of her past.

My Final Thoughts on Final Girls

This story is truly a whirlwind with so many twists and turns in the plot. It is told at such a fast pace. It is a slasher, a mystery, and a story of survival all wrapped up in one amazing novel. I literally finished this book in a day or two. I could NOT put it down.

With each new revelation about each character’s true selves, I kept changing my mind again and again and doubting what actually happened to Quincy and her friends. The ending will truly shock and surprise you. But it all made total sense, I couldn’t believe I didn’t catch it sooner.

The author teases out the details of the past and presents just enough to keep you reading until the sun goes down… and then you’re too scared to fall asleep.

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