FarOff: A Historical Romance Between Enemies

FarOff is a BL romance with a historical plot about enemies to lovers trope. When two soldier guards find each other to comfort the isolation and the truth of their history.

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Sometimes reading historical fiction based on real events (to an extent) may not be your ideal read. However, if you enjoy romance in any shape or form, as I do, then check out this historical romance FarOff. Creator Lennon Park created this fun Webtoon comic about two enemies who must guard a wall. Will they find some common ground during their time there? Updates occur every other Monday.

FarOff Plot

FarOff is a historical Romance Webtoon

Fenn and Tobias are two soldiers stationed by an ancient border wall on opposite sides. They were taught to hate each other, but when a lightning strike causes the wall to collapse, the lines of right, wrong, love, and hate are challenged. This is a background Edwardian-esque world war comic with MM themes and small moments that create a huge impact between both soldiers.

Meet the Soldiers

Fenn Velle

FarOff is a historical Romance Webtoon

Fenn holds parental expectations from his own father who joined the war. He has taken pride and at a very young age taught to despise the Vaylinians. He is now a third-class private whose mission is to guard the Sona gate on their side from any enemies. It’s a dire mission of solitude and monthly supplies. During his long days and nights, there is a cat that wanders about and he takes care of it. It’s the closest thing to the company he has.

When the wall collapses and he sees Tobias for the first time, he is immediately hostile and keeps his distance, very overly cautious and angry. Even Tobias’s strange behavior must be a strategy, that and his gorgeous blue eyes, but making Tobias not cross to the Sona border takes precedence over his strange curiosity towards the guy.

Tobias Hawkfordt

FarOff is a historical Romance Webtoon

“One more year..” That’s Tobias’s mantra as he has been guarding that Vaylin post for so long. With only a radio and a cat to keep him company, he has been isolated. He just wants out. What is the point of this war again? When a lighting strike hits the wall and he finally meets a Sona soldier, he is cautious, but at the same time couldn’t care less.

When he tries to compromise, Fenn isn’t having it, pointing his gun and making barriers with rocks. Tobias is just bored and just wants someone to talk to, even if it is the enemy. It’s cool that Fenn can cook and is a goof when trying to be hostile. Oh, and his muscles don’t help the situation either. Will this year be a long difficult one or a heartwarming surprise?

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