Explore the World of Gardening With These 5 Guides

Interested in gardening this spring or want to learn more about how to enhance your garden? Read on for some reads to help your garden grow!

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Various gardening stations are shown from watering plants in a pot, watering newly planted vegetables, and planting carrots on the ground.

With spring in full swing, gardens bloom with color as flowers and vegetables thrive and the sun peeks through. If you’ve ever been interested in gardening, these beginner guides are just for you! No, you don’t need a huge yard, and gardening doesn’t always require complicated explanations. Grab your gloves and hand shovel and dive into these gardening books!

Apartment Gardening: Grow Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs in Small Spaces by Gerard (Jerry) White

Apartment Gardening book cover with a variety of plants in colorful pots on an apartment balcony.

When we think of gardens, we typically think of huge yards full of various plants that fill every corner. With Apartment Gardening, you’ll learn about different ways to grow your food right in your apartment! Whether you want to start with simple equipment or are ready for a gardening challenge, this book will help you to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

The New Gardener’s Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Grow a Beautiful and Bountiful Garden by Daryl Beyers

Thew New Gardener's Handbook book cover with flowers, sprouts, soil, and a watering can.

Eager to learn from gardening experts? This handbook is led by Daryl Beyers from the New York Botanical Garden, who will break down the basics of everything you need to know about starting your garden. From the initial planting process to the upkeep, such as pruning and watering, the steps are broken down for your gardening ease.

Gardening Hacks: 300+ Time and Money Saving Hacks by Jon VanZile

Gardening Hacks book cover with several plants, seeds, soil, and gardening tools spread out.

Gardening doesn’t have to be a burden on your wallet. Gardening pots, soil, and fertilizer might be a big financial commitment, but with these hacks, you’ll be able to utilize some items you have at home or make a money-saving substitute.

Gardening for Kids: Learn, Grow, and Get Messy with Fun STEAM Projects by Brandy Stone

Gardening for Kids book cover with a bird feeder, small wooden planter, and plants in a bowl of water.

Are you an educator or a parent who wants to teach your kids about gardening? This book gives kids the opportunity to take on different projects that they can work on with classmates, siblings, or even neighbors! Not only will they learn the basics of gardening, but they will also get to explore different aspects of STEAM through the projects that they work on.

The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food: Step-by-Step Vegetable Gardening for Everyone by Joseph Tychonievich, Illustrated by Liz Anna Kozik

Growing Food book cover with illustrated variety of vegetables including carrots, tomatoes, and other root vegetables hidden in the ground.

If you love art, comic books, and gardens, this book has it all. The artwork is placed into comic book panels, with full, vivid pages of the different plants that are being grown. This guide is also beginner-friendly, so following the steps will help you learn the techniques to jump into what it looks like to grow vegetables for the first time.

Getting started on your garden for this spring can be a fun challenge, regardless of your skill level. Best of luck with your gardening journey, and may your gardens grow and bloom!

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