Exciting Ocean Themes Inspiration To Write About

Want to celebrate our world in a creative way? Keep reading for four ocean themes to inspire your writing!

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As creatives, we’re constantly pulling inspiration for our works. Whether that’s from our own experiences, the works of those we admire, or the world around us, many of us strive to tie our writing to something we understand or can relate to. The natural world is a well of inspiration that never stops flowing, especially in the case of the ocean. If you want to write some adventures about the sea for clean beaches week but you’re not sure where to start, these four ideas might help!

Coral Reefs

Coral reefs have a certain whimsey about them that’s hard to describe. These colorful creatures usually line the shallow ocean floors of tropical regions, though smaller pockets of them have been discovered elsewhere. Not only are they a gorgeous sight on the eyes, but they’re hubs of biodiversity, with different kinds of fish living in and around them. Though if you’ve ever watched Finding Nemo, or read the book counterparts like Finding Nemo Little Golden Book to your kids, you probably know that already. Coral reefs make a great setting for fishy ocean adventures and beautiful sightseeing opportunities for your characters.


Unfortunately, the discussions around coral reefs are usually much more melancholy. These amazing ecosystems are being destroyed through a process known as coral bleaching. To explain it, basically, climate change is causing the oceans to warm, which harms these sensitive creatures by driving away the algae that give them their beautiful hues. This topic is a great commentary on the destructive nature of humanity or the delicate nature of beautiful things. It could also be a great research topic if you’re writing about a marine biologist or ecologist.

The Deep Sea

The deep sea is as fascinating as it is terrifying. Lots of people have heard of the nightmarish creatures lurking where the sun can’t reach, but exactly how much? Have you heard about the vampire squid, whose dark webbed arms and large eyes give it an uncanny appearance? How about the anglerfish, with its own lamp to highlight its creepy features, or the frilled shark that resembles the dinosaurs of the past? Because these creatures are so varied and unique, they’d make great inspiration for characters, new mythical creatures, or even monsters.


Also, in case you didn’t know, the majority of it is still unexplored. If you’ve ever wondered what might lie at the deepest corners of the ocean, why not write about it? Would it be a desolate place without life or a booming, biodiverse environment beyond our wildest dreams?



As someone who holds a strong fear of the ocean, seafaring is just about my worst nightmare. But for most, it’s a career or pastime that screams freedom and adventure. There are so many different reasons for your characters to set sail. Maybe they’re fishermen trying to make a living for their families. Maybe you want to tell the story of a pirate’s adventure or explorers discovering new lands in a fantasy world. Vikings, vacations, and even secret submarine missions are all on the table for developing your next thrilling tale.


Okay, so mermaids aren’t real. But they’re clearly very popular and for good reason. Being able to breathe underwater, swim around with ease, and don a brilliant, sparkly tail make up a dream that captures both children and adults the world over. As a kid, I would flop around in the pool pretending to be as graceful as the mermaids I’d seen on television. There’s something appealing about exploring the ocean and feeling free.


Maybe your main character is a mermaid or a scientist studying one. Perhaps you’re writing about a conspiracy theorist desperately trying to prove that the mythical creatures he saw are real. You can also combine the theme of mermaids with any of the others above. Mermaids swimming through the coral reefs, watching seafarers from afar, lurking in the sea’s depths; the options are limitless.

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