Excitement Over New Fallout Series Coming to Prime

Amazon and Bethesda Game Studios’ new Fallout television series hopes to stand on its own. Come read what we know so far!

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A vault dweller looks at a ruined city.

Stepping out of a vault wearing a blue jumpsuit and witnessing a world destroyed by an apocalypse isn’t something we think about often, but for fans of the Fallout series, it is a familiar feeling. However, it may not feel the same to watch a show about someone donning that recognizable blue jumpsuit instead of playing as them, but Amazon Studios is partnering with Bethesda Game Studios to bring the wonderful Fallout series to a television near you.


For those who are unaware, Fallout is a series of popular video games that take place after the so-called Great War, which occurs in 2077. Depending on the game, players take the role of a protagonist who’s placed in various situations and must navigate the Wasteland — the new name for the world, specifically the U.S. after the Great War’s nuclear explosions destroyed everything. However, the Wasteland comes with dangers of its own — including mutant animals, hostile characters, radiation, and creatures never seen before.

A woman with a backpack looking out into a decrepit world.

Where the jumpsuits come in though, are the vaults — which are designed before the War for survival purposes, and where many people take refuge on the day the bombs fall. Almost every Fallout game begins with the protagonist starting in a vault before some unknown purpose or problem that requires them to leave the vault — which is usually strictly forbidden, as the Wasteland is dangerous and full of unknowns.

Adaptation Concerns

Unlike traditional adaptations, Amazon promises to forge its own path with an original storyline rather than retelling a previous story from the games in the series. Director Jonathan Nolan says the project will explore new dimensions and ideas within the universe while keeping the plot unique. There is difficulty in creating a project with pre-determined lore and a die-hard fan base. There’s a fine line between honoring the source material and offering fresh perspectives. The series dives into themes such as survival, morality, and technological consequences while maintaining the franchise’s dark humor and retro-futuristic aesthetic. All of which fans know and love.

A big red explosion with a dark purple background.

Fallout is known for its profound, intricate world-building, and how every game adds more depth to the already deep story. Every game installation focuses on the world as it is instead of what the world was. This is an opportunity for the series to explore events leading up to the Great War and what life was like before and after the bombs fell.

Exciting Characters

Fallout fans could talk for hours about their favorite characters from the game, and this adaptation looks to have a healthy and creative cast. Lucy, played by Ella Purnell, is the optimistic and naive vault dweller who leaves her sheltered underground home to explore the irradiated Earth. Maximus, played by Aaron Moten, is a soldier in the militaristic Brotherhood of Steel, bringing law and order to the wasteland in futuristic but clunky-looking science fiction armor. Lastly, The Ghoul, played by Walton Goggins, is a bounty hunter who has roamed the wasteland for 200 years. Ghouls are humans that were exposed to intense radiation, transforming them into zombie-looking creatures. They retain their humanity, but they aren’t all there, as they’ve lived for a long time and are shunned by “normal” humans.

Train and a dark sky to symbolize the feeling of a post-apocalyptic world.

Director, executive producer, and face of Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard, gave a small shoutout to the series and a future Fallout game. He didn’t confirm anything, and even if he did, it would be another ten years before we hear about it. But he did say that he met with the writers and told them what they should avoid writing about. Not because he wants to tell them what to write but because he doesn’t want them to use any ideas he may have for the next Fallout game.

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