Enjoy the Magic of Holidays With These Joyful Picturebooks

Celebrate your Holiday spirit with some cheerful Holiday picture book recommendations!

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young child reading a book before a christmas tree

Happy Holidays from Bookstr! Whatever holiday you may be celebrating, we wish you all the best for you and your family. One of the best ways to celebrate your holiday cheer is with your family of course! The holidays may all have a special place in our hearts, but especially for the younger tots. You are at peak happiness when you are a child during the holidays. The presents, the food, and time away from school really increase the holiday love meter for younger generations. If you want to indulge in the holiday spirit with your youngster, nothing beats a classic Christmas book read aloud by the fire. Here are some lighthearted picture book recommendations that will enliven your family’s holiday buzz.

Santa’s Gotta Go! by Derrick Barnes

Monte and Mable love the holidays, and they LOVE Santa Claus! When Santa’s sleigh breaks down in the siblings’ yard, the two are over the moon that they have a temporary roommate. But how good of a roommate is Santa Claus? After multiple mishaps around the house, Monte and Mable question Mr. Claus as a roommate, and they will do anything they can to get him out!

front cover of Derrick Barne's Santa's Gotta Go, showing a santa claus on a guitar, and two kids in the background annoyed.

Santa’s Gotta Go! is a hilarious recent release that your kids will not get enough of. It will surely send a helpful message to your little ones about compassion during the holidays. The Holidays are a time to understand how important it is to show kindness to one another, even if it can be difficult sometimes! You kids will love Santa’s Gotta Go!, and so will you!

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad! by Mercer Mayer

Little Critter and his family are excited for Christmas day! But there is one thing that Little Critter wants more than anything…the whole family to have a good Christmas! Read along with Little Critter and his silly mishaps for his parent’s perfect Christmas day. He may make a few mistakes along the way, but he will do anything to have the best Christmas ever!

Front Cover of Mercer Mayers Merry Christmas Mom and Dad, showing a little critter wrapping a gift with a lot of tape.

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad was my favorite holiday book growing up. It may be because I was obsessed with The Little Critter series as a child, but the message has always stuck with me. The holidays are fun as a child, but we should make it great for the whole family. This book taught me the importance of giving. Every Christmas, I would do my best to give my parents whatever I could. Whether it was homemade or something I would save up for, I always thought to share my Christmas spirit with the people who care for me most. This is going to sound very cliche, but this book did show little me the true meaning of Christmas.

Hannukah Bear by Eric A. Kimmel

When a hibernating bear wakes up from his deep sleep, he cannot help but smell something yummy from a nearby village. He follows the lovely scent, leading him to Bubba Brayna, a kind old lady with poor sight and hearing. Bubba Brayna mistakes the bear for a rabbi and lets him in to embellish some wonderful Hannukah traditions. But what will happen when Bubba’s guests arrive for their treats?

Front cover of Hanukkah bear by Eric A. Kimmel, showing a bear licking a ladies face.

I do not doubt that your five or six-year-old will love this cute book. The bear is taken through a story filled with historical facts about Hannaukah that will surely fascinate your child. The illustrations are also quite adorable and will be an excellent addition to your holiday collection.

I Spy Christmas: A Book of Picture Riddles by Marzollo Jean

Who doesn’t love holiday-themed puzzles? I-Spy is a classic children’s puzzle-picturebook series that has been a top children’s book contender for over twenty years. Get a little more into the holiday spirit with the Ispy Christmas addition! Try to find holiday-themed items hidden in fabulous photographs, such as a Christmas Ornament maze and a table full of Christmas cookies.

Front cover of I-Spy Christmas, showing various Christmas ornaments all bundled up.

This book is perfect for the holidays because it is interactive, fun, and entertaining for the whole family. The photographs themselves are also quite special. Their set-ups are uniquely individual and spread a Christmas feel with every picture. If you do not find puzzles interesting, the fabulous photographs will make up for it!

Lil’Rabbit’s Kwanzaa by Donna Washington

Its Kwanzaa! Lil’Rabbit is excited to spend the holidays with his family, but things change when his grannie is sick. Until she is better, his family will not celebrate, including having the big Karamu Feast. Lil’Rabbit decides he will help his grannie by finding her the perfect treat, and maybe it will help her and his family get back into the celebration mood! Come along with Lil’Rabbit and his journey to learn more about Kwanzaa and how family is the most important thing of all.

front cover of Li'l Rabbit's Kwanzaa, showing a bunny smiling and hopping in the air, surrounded by other critters, all happy.

Small but endearing, Lil’Rabbit’s Kwanzaa will be a great choice for a family read-aloud. The characters are adorable, and the story manages to squeeze in plenty of facts about the holiday that will surely mean well to your kids.

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

James is so happy to see it is snowing outside. Now, he can make a snowman! After spending time in the cold, James creates the perfect snowman, and while in bed late at night, he decides to take a peek at his new friend. Little does James know, the snowman is alive! Come with James and his snowman as they adventure together, just in time for the holiday season!

Front cover of Raymond Briggs The Snowman, showing a happy snowman smiling.

I absolutely love this book with all my heart. There are two versions: wordless and worded. Personally, I prefer the wordless. The pictures create the entire story, so without the words, it can challenge readers to learn how to speak. I love the wordless book for an in-classroom read-aloud because it gets kids talking. They have their theories, dialogue, and stories to tell. That is exactly what a children’s book should do (other than teaching them how to read!).

Nothing beats a child’s reaction to the ending of this book, especially when it is the wordless version. I will not spoil it, but your child will have some excellent theories. The worded version is also a hoot and perfect for a child learning how to read. Get this book when you can! It will have your holiday heart melting as much as mine.

Happy holidays from the Bookstr family to yours!

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