Embellish Your Book Nook This Winter With These Helpful Tips

Hop into holiday mode with these icy tips for you and your book nook this Winter!

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image of a window with a cat, a book, glasses, and a blanket sitting next to it.

Happy Holidays from the Bookstr team to you! Nothing beats the winter aesthetic. Who doesn’t love sitting by a warm fire with some pj’s on and a nail-biting book to cuddle up to? I know I love it! But how can I make my book nook feel more winter-ornamented? If you are like me, I MUST have at least ten holiday decorations in my house before I get in the holiday mood, especially my book corner. Something about the winter aesthetic helps me get in reading mode, so I go all out every winter… at least in my reading area! If you are looking to garnish up your corner, continue reading these chilly tips!

Holiday Incense/Candles

Image of a candle, tea and a book sitting next to some flowers and a blanket.

Mmmm… Peppermint and hot chocolate! Or maybe some cinnamon and nutmeg pies? There are too many yummy wintery smells to count! Lighting a candle or some incense in your book corner will surely amp up your holiday feel! Try something light like vanilla and cranberry, or maybe something rustic like a wood-burnt fire.


Image of a person sitting next to a warm fire with a book in hand.

Speaking of wood-burnt fire, how awesome would it be to add a fireplace to your reading spot? If you can’t get a real fire, no problem! Throw a fake fireplace on YouTube, or light a couple of candles instead. Nothing beats looking over at a beautiful fire, all while curled up with a good book. The heat is a bonus, but the fire aesthetic is unbeatable!

Blanket and Fluffy Socks

Image of a persons fluffy socks and a blanket.

Brrrrr…it’s cold! Winter is fluffy socks and giant, fluffy blanket season! I absolutely love picking out new socks and a blanket for the cold, and you should, too! It really amps up the snuggle appeal and helps you get into that cozy feeling. If you are a parent to a few fur babies, have your cat or dog come join the snuggle puddle. Your puppy pal or little kitty will keep you in good company! Be sure to stock up on your fluffy socks and find your favorite Santa-coated blanket; your inner bookworm will feel overwhelmed with comfort!

Christmas Records

Image of a record player with Christmas decorations around it, and a Christmas tree in the background.

I always have my turntable playing mellow tunes while I am in my book nook, but during the Holiday season, I will surely be blasting some fabulous Christmas tunes! I love watching the record turn while I read a few chapters, especially when it is some classic Christmas music. Stock up on some Holiday Music records for your turntable, or maybe download a few playlists on Spotify if you aren’t a recording head. However you listen to music, some Christmas tunes will surely spice up your Christmas reading cheer!

Hot Drinks

Image showing someone sitting by a fire with a book and a hot drink in hand.

Tea? Hot Chocolate? Maybe a coffee? Just in time! Nothing beats holding a hot, yummy drink on a chilly winter day. I am a huge ice coffee person, but once its December, it is officially hot coffee time. I love the feeling of a warm mug in one hand, and a page-turning book in the other. When you start to see snowfall, grab your favorite book, and some hot mulled wine, and prepare for the ultimate reading experience!

Christmas lights

Image of a decorated bed with pillows, books, a blanket, and twinkled lights.

If you haven’t yet, head down to your local dollar store and pick up some Christmas lights! These buggers will change your entire reading spot from cool to Christmas-cool! Not only that, but they always stay in season, so feel free to keep them up year-round like I do. I mainly use holiday light colors during the winter, like green, red, and white. It really helps the Christmas aesthetic pop out while I am snuggled up with my book.

Peppermint Jar

Image of peppermints in a bowl, with a cranberry plant surrounding the bowl.

As soon as I see the first dust of snow, I pull out my special peppermint bowl! I love having a little bowl of mints next to my reading spot. They always put me in the holiday mood, and I can’t ever have enough! They are more than just delicious, they are the perfect holiday treat! Keep a few jars around the house, but be sure to have one next to your book collection. I love rewarding myself with this sweet treat after I finish a chapter.

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