Elderly People Solve a Murder: New Book Adaptation

Richard Osman’s award-winning mystery novel is set to be adapted into a new star-studded movie! Read on to learn more about the cast and crew of this highly anticipated film.

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What could be better than an award winning crime novel being turned into a movie? When said crime novel’s main characters are pensioners, living in a luxury retirement home, spending their days solving a murder. Now THAT is literature.

Adaptation News

The 2020 comedy-crime novel has no release date yet for its film adaptation, but we are more than willing to wait. With a stacked cast that includes the likes of Ben Kingsley, Helen Mirren, Pierce Brosnan, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, and now David Tennant and Naomi Ackie, this film is highly anticipated.

I think this is the greatest British cast assembled since the [Harry Potter] movies.

Richard Osman, The Rest Is Entertainment podcast
A stern-looking white man points a gun slightly off to the right. We can only see from his mid-chest up.

The Cast and Crew We’re Dying to See

The Thursday Murder Club, written by Richard Osman, details a group of retirees banding together to solve a murder. Imagine if The Golden Girls was a murder mystery, and you’ve almost got it. Just add a dash of Only Murders in the Building and you’re there. The group consists of an odd mix of people, from a retired nurse and psychiatrist (Celia Imrie and Ben Kingsley, respectively) to a former union activist and ex-spy (Pierce Brosnan and Helen Mirren).

Betty White, an old woman with short blonde hair, wearing a tan coat and firing a gun off-screen to the right. She is in what looks like a convenience store, and has a counter and a row of candy behind her.

Oh, and speaking of Harry Potter, Chris Columbus (director of The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets adaptations) is actually set to write and direct the film with the backing of Amblin and Netflix.

Three kids, a boy with round glasses and dark brown hair, a boy with red hair, and a girl with poofy brown hair stand in an old hallway. The girl is pointing a wand at something they are all looking at off to the left.

Dark comedies have experienced a rise in popularity over the years, with successful media like Only Murders in the Building and Knives Out, so we can expect this movie to do very well at the box office. With the talent attached to it, how could it not?

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