Dr. Julia Shaw Shares Non-Fiction “Bi : The Hidden Culture, History and Science of Bisexuality”

From psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Julia Shaw comes an enlightening new book focused on the science of bisexuality beyond gender.

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Psychologist and Author Julia Shaw provides a deeper look into the history, culture, and science of bisexuality in her new book. Drawing from personal and professional experience, Shaw explores the fundamental concepts of love, sex, and relationships in Bi : The Hidden Culture History and Science of Bisexuality. Dr. Julia Shaw takes it a step further as she discusses the importance of human rights in sexuality and the long history of discrimination faced by those in the LGBTQIA+ community. As Shaw describes, despite bisexuality being a common identity, it is still one of the most invisible and least understood sexualities. We can expect to learn more about the history and culture of bisexuality when her book is released this Summer.

Scientist, Author & Vocal Bisexual Advocate

Currently, Dr. Julia Shaw is a psychological scientist at University College London. Shaw specializes in areas of memory and memory hacking, specifically in criminal psychology and workplace diversity. Additionally, her focus has evolved within identity in social media and digital ethics. Shaw is most notably known for her extensive work in criminal psychology, false memory, and bisexuality.

Research And Organizational Efforts

Beyond her research, she is also the founder of several organizations. She co-founded a start-up company called Spot, a digital misconduct reporting tool. Her company strives to help organizations create a better and more inclusive work environment. By founding Spot in 2017, Shaw made it her mission and priority to tackle harassment and discrimination in the workplace. In 2020, as a means to connect researchers, activists, and the community, Shaw founded The Bisexual Research Group. The Bisexual Research Group connects the community through extensive research and explores ways in which bisexuality shapes people’s lives. The group makes earnest efforts to share the newest bisexual research and provide inclusive access for anyone looking to learn more.


Current Published Works

A psychological scientist by day, and a best-selling author by night, Julia Shaw has been vocal in her research and studies. In 2017, Dr. Shaw released her first book, The Memory Illusion: Remembering, Forgetting, and the Science of False Memory. In her debut book, Shaw uses the latest research to discuss how our memory can have dangerous flaws. With our memory, we can create profound errors, falsely plant memories, or have memories belonging to someone else, but we recognize them as our own. In 2019, Shaw published her second best-seller, Evil: The Science Behind Humanity’s Dark Side. Shaw investigates the different interpretations of what evil is and the difference between good and bad.
Based on studies from academia, pop-culture examples, and anecdotes, Shaw breaks down the neuroscience of evil in its various forms. Having begun her journey with memory and humanity, Shaw turns her attention to the history and science of bisexuality.

Bi : The Hidden Culture, History and Science of Bisexuality

Dr. Julia Shaw’s newest book celebrates and explores the history of bisexuality. As a proud and vocal bisexual, Shaw understands the importance of bi-visibility and has consequently written a book for both bisexual voices and feelings to feel validated. Bi: The Hidden Culture, History, and Science of Bisexuality offers readers a vibrant and enlightening view of the complexities of bisexuality. While existing in a world full of labels, we may be bound to certain biases within ourselves. Through her detailed research and precise language, Shaw teaches us that we are more than what others presume we are, no matter our gender or sexuality.

The Bisexual Manifesto

The non-fiction book prompts readers to ask themselves the tough questions and reaffirm their sexuality in a whole new light beyond the binary idea of gender. She may ask the reader to name bisexual actors, politicians, and writers, and they’ll most likely draw a blank. Shaw highlights the lack of visibility for bisexuals, although it is one of the most common sexualities. Visibility is only one aspect of bisexuality that needs more attention. In her book, she shares some of the most famous bisexual, pansexual, plurisexual activists and scholars to increase awareness and the value of representation. In addition, Shaw explores the history of the Kinsey Scale and the defense for bisexuality in a court of law. She notes this book as a personal and scientific manifesto where readers can feel free to consider the complex nature of the human sexual experience. Reading her manifesto will help educate and reaffirm readers on the latest bisexual research.


Not only will we gain new knowledge on the science of bisexuality, but we will also learn more about the long history of how it has been defined by society. Shaw reviews the lack of understanding in the scale of sexual attraction, and challenges the scientific idea of a gender binary. Taking it a step further, she studies the mental and physical consequences of staying in the closet and how the protection of human rights by laws plays a significant role in the LGBTQIA+ experience. The biggest takeaway from her newest book is that bisexuality deserves an affirmation of love and respect.

When Is The Release Date ?

A great way to celebrate pride month, listen to the four episodes of the BBC Sounds podcast “Bi People” based on the book, featuring hosts Dr. Julia Shaw and queer comedian Sofie Hagen. An episode drops every Thursday in June. You can check out the latest episodes and keep an eye out for Dr. Julia Shaw’s new book! You can preorder your book or order it on its release date, June 28th.

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