Discover Your New Favorite Spot: Cupboard Maker Books

There’s only one thing better than walking into a bookstore: walking into a bookstore to be greeted by a bunch of cats! Read on to learn about Cupboard Maker Books.

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Cupboard Maker Books is a little shop in Enola, PA, that combines two things we are all obsessed with: independent bookstores and cats! Established all the way back in 1998, this adorable bookstore is home to some of the cutest furry little creatures as well as some of the hottest releases in genre fiction. Cupboard Maker Books sells fantasy, horror, romance, and mystery, focusing on underrepresented voices along with popular bestsellers. We had a fun conversation with Jason Haring, owner and cat wrangler, to see what makes this spot so special!

Cupboard Maker Books

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What do you feel is unique to your bookstore?

Our books mural on the entire outside of our building, our cats, our Embedded New Bookstore, which is located behind our book arch, and Michelle’s superpower. My wife, Michelle Haring, reads one book per day and has for decades. When a customer tells her a few books and authors they’ve read, she can recommend dozens of different books to them.

What does your store offer that a chain or online retailer can’t?

Each and every one of us is a bookseller. We usually have a staff of 10 or 11 employees. Everyone’s primary responsibility is to be a bookseller and keep an eye on the cats (especially Odin).

If you had infinite space, what might you add to the store?

More books and more cats. We currently carry approximately 5,000 new titles and over 125,000 used titles. We have 3 bookstore cats: Mouse, Odin, and Annika. We usually have 1 or 2 Castaway Critters foster cats roaming the store as well. We’ve adopted 241 of our foster cats out over the past 13 years.

Do you have any staff picks or releases we should watch out for?

The Body in the Backyard by Lucy Score releases on July 16th and we are having a release party with Lucy in attendance. The event sold out in 19 hours. Our booksellers have a recommendation section for both new and used books close to the front counter for customers to shop and enjoy.

What’s your favorite book?

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder.

Is there anything else that you’d like our audience to know?

For people who love books and/or cats, Cupboard Maker Books is a little slice of heaven.

Thanks so much to Jason Haring for the interview! Be sure to check out this cozy little spot the next time you’re in Pennsylvania, and in the meantime, be sure to follow them on social media for your daily dose of cute critters and fun events. You can also buy some of their goodies online, even signed copies of their books!

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