Details You Missed In ‘The Super Mario Bros’ Movie’ Trailer

With the official ‘Super Mario Bros Movie’ trailer out, here are some revamps and references to the original games you may have missed!

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Mario in the new trailer.

After years of waiting, a movie starring the cast of characters from Super Mario Bros is set to release on April 7th. After the trailer was released earlier this month, the video is riddled with green pipes, power stars, Cheep Cheeps, and more.

Super Mario Bros was first released in Japan in 1985 as a computer game. Since then, the franchise has birthed over two hundred games involving Mario. Super Mario 64 alone sold over 310 million units worldwide. Mario has grown to be the face of Nintendo.

Here are three huge references to previous games you missed.

First Look

The trailer only gives us a snippet of a scene. We can see a premise forming, but most details and characters are hidden from the trailer. With what we do have, it’s clear both Nintendo and Illumination are doing a great job of treating the game seriously and giving the fans nice references sprinkled within the trailer.

Luigi’s Mansion of Bowser’s Castle?

Luigi in The Super Mario Bros Movie trailer

Luigi, Mario’s infamous brother, got his first solo game back in 2001. Luigi’s Mansion was the first Mario game Nintendo launched for the console. After Mario goes missing, Luigi searches for his brother in a haunted mansion with nothing but a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner (perfect for catching ghosts). The game did well and earned not only a sequel game but a third installment along with a remastered original.

We get a first look at Luigi in the trailer, racing through a forest of dead trees, fleeing from some angry Dry Bones, and eventually finding solace in a dark, castle-like building. Is the B-plot of the film his quest throughout his mansion? Will we get to see the ghosts of his game on the big screen? Seeing the whole story of his individual game may be unlikely, but I know fans would love smaller easter eggs within the movie with references to his time in the haunted mansion.

While this would be cool to see, there is a flag atop the castle that hints that it could possibly be another castle, or perhaps, Bowser’s castle…

Bowser’s Airship Against the Snow Kingdom

Bowser's airship and the Snow kingdom in The Super Mario Bros Movie trailer

Bowser’s airship has a new look! It’s unrecognizable compared to its previous looks. In other games, Bowser’s airship is a wooden, flying ship with his fast growling at the mast. It’s obviously been redesigned via size and capacity, but with a new addition of lava. The flames make sense. Bowser’s airship is now the perfect antagonist for the Snow Kingdom as their natural, elemental enemy.

Penguins in The Super Mario Bros Movie trailer

The penguins of the Snow Kingdom also make an appearance in this trailer. First majorly appearing in Super Mario 64, it’s definitely a “Leonardo DiCaprio pointing at the screen” moment. These penguins appear in several other video games but have rarely had an explanation or involvement in the main story. It will be interesting to see why exactly Bowser and the Snow Kingdom are fighting and how Mario has a hand in it.

Peach’s Castle

Mario and Toad in The Super Mario Bros Movie trailer

The Super Mario Bros‘ trailer only gives us a glimpse of Peach’s infamous castle. Princess Peach is absent from the trailer, as is Donkey Kong, but with her castle on the horizon, we can be sure to expect more. Her capture is usually what sets previous games into motion, but it seems Bowser’s conflict with the Snow Kingdom may take the forefront. Peach’s role is up in the air it seems. It would be interesting to see if she has a different function in the movie instead of being swept away and in need of saving.

Super Mario Bros releases on April 7th in theaters with anticipation and excitement through the roof. Check out our other articles about video games!