Denise Williams Has Two Steamy Romance Books

Ready for a hot, steamy romance? Author Denise Williams has two romance books you should check out for this month! It’s confirmed she will have a new romance title out this year!

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The romance isn’t over yet everyone! Valentine’s Day may have passed but that romantic feeling is still in the air for February. Here is an amazing author you have to check out. Denise Williams is an author who enjoys writing touchy feeling, steamy romance books. Her debut novel has brought a lot of oohs and aahs for her wonderful romance writing for female protagonists. If you want a list of easy read romances with a surprise at the end read on!

How to Fail at Flirting By Denise Williams


Naya Turner is a professor at a university. However, her job may be in crisis when the board considers cutting off some departments. With her demanding job and fuzzy cardigans, she doesn’t have time to face her nonexistent love life. Her friends tell her it’s time to make a to-do list that consists of trying new things, meeting a sexy stranger, flirting, having a possible one-night stand, and getting a drink.

For one night she’ll go to a bar and forget her job and try to accomplish her checklist. When she meets a charming stranger here on business, he seems like a great way to check off her list. During the night her drink is paid for, she tries something new, and a hookup… not really happens.

Jake makes her laugh and builds up her confidence, which was taken by her abusive ex-boyfriend. However, her career comes first. When she finds out that Jake may have a connection with her occupation she becomes fearful of losing her job. Is a possibility of love is shattered or can she have both?

The Fastest Way to Fall by Denise Williams


Britta didn’t plan on falling for her personal trainer, and West didn’t plan on meeting Britta.

Britta Colby works for a lifestyle magazine. When she is given the opportunity to write about her journey for a hot, body-positive fitness app called FitMe she takes this as her chance to work full time at her company.

Wes is Co-CEO of the FitMe app with his best friend. Despite a good career, his app is constantly in competition with an app that was created by his ex-girlfriend, he has an inactive love life and a complex family which includes a druggie mom and an off-the-grid sister. He feels useless and does not have fulfillment in his life. However, he loves coaching and misses the experience of it. So he decides to coach and take on a new client, which happens to be Britta.

When they communicate online they click immediately. Wes and Britta can’t help but have chemistry. However, despite the attraction being harmless, it develops into something deeper. They both think it’s best to keep their distance, after all, it’s not like they’ll meet in person. But what if certain circumstances make Wes meet Britta?

As they get to know each other and continue the coaching, Britta doesn’t know how to keep her feelings quiet and their new relationship hidden. Her job opportunity is so close, would she risk that for her personal trainer? Will Wes risk his job as CEO of the company for a client, that he shouldn’t even know in person?

If you enjoy the slow build-up of hot and heavy love then these two books are meant for you. Denise Williams has a great sense of humor that she puts into her characters and is always discussing body positivity, self-love, and of course piles on the romance!

One of the greatest updates on Denise Williams is that she is releasing a new book called Do You Take This Man? this year!


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