Day Of The Dads: 15 Great Children’s Books That Celebrate Fathers

This Father’s Day, we’re bringing you a list of 15 children’s books that celebrate awesome dads.

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From dad jokes to backyard cookouts, fathers know how to make any experience memorable. They’re great at picking you up when you fall, dusting you off, and encouraging you to try again. They can make us feel safe and loved unconditionally. This Father’s Day, we’ve created a list of 15 children’s books that celebrate awesome dads!

How to Catch a Daddysaurus by Alice Walstead


This endearing children’s story sees the “How to Catch” kids trying to trap a daddysaurus. The daddysaurus is a mythical creature capable of great acts of humor, brilliance, and bravery. They try to catch the daddysaurus by doing all his favorite activities, but they’ll need a little sweetness to lure him out! How to Catch a Daddysaurus is the perfect book to celebrate Father’s Day.

The Bench by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex


This sweet children’s book commemorates fatherhood by sharing the bond between Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and his son, Archie. While the story itself is a mother’s observation of her husband’s relationship with their son, the images from Christian Robinson feature dads of different backgrounds. The book celebrates dads of different races and religions and dads with disabilities. It even features a dad encouraging his son who’s wearing a tutu. This story is perfect for any dad this Father’s Day.

I Love Pop! by Dr. Seuss


Deviating from the traditional Dr. Seuss style, this unrhymed story is full of simple observations of everything we love about our dads. The book features art from Dr. Seuss and was written to celebrate fathers. This endearing book is sure to make any dad feel loved and appreciated. This story makes the perfect gift for fathers and grandfathers of any age this Father’s Day.

Papa, Do You Love Me? by Barbara M. Joosse


This beautiful story of fatherhood features Maasai culture, however, it delivers a universal message of the love between a father and child. The book tells the story of a father and his son, who he affectionately refers to as “Tender Heart”. It consists of stunning watercolor illustrations and lyrical texts. This book is a great way to celebrate dads this Father’s Day.

Made For Me by Zack Bush


This beautiful story gives the perspective of a father as his child is born and begins to grow up. It shares the relationship and tender moments between a father and child. The lyrical text features the sweet refrain, “You are the one made just for me” alongside adorable illustrations from Gregorio De Lauretis. Written by a father in celebration of dads, this is the perfect story for men new to fatherhood.

Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry


The empowering and endearing story of a father who steps in to style his daughter’s hair for a special occasion. Zuri’s hair is curly and coils in every direction. Even though her dad doesn’t have a lot of experience styling her hair, he is determined to do whatever it takes to make her happy. The message is an empowering ode to natural hair that commemorates the relationship between a father and his daughter.

Why a Son Needs a Dad by Gregory Lang


Why a Son Needs a Dad commemorates the unique bond between a son and his father, a boy’s first hero. The book shares all of the things a father and son can do together. It highlights all of the ways in which a father will help his son grow. The endearing message is crafted with charming animal illustrations by Gail Yerrill and lyrical text. This heartwarming story is the perfect read for fathers with sons this Father’s Day.

Why a Daughter Needs a Dad by Gregory Lang


Gregory Lang adds to his bestselling series with Why a Daughter Needs a Dad. The story tells of the unique relationship between a father and daughter. It shares all of the ways a father can help his daughter grow to be the best version of herself. Like Why a Son Needs a Dad, the story features beautiful animal illustrations and lyrical text. This book is the perfect gift for dads with daughters this Father’s Day!

Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Mayer


90’s kids will likely remember Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter book series. Just Me and My Dad features Little Critter on an outdoor adventure with his father. They explore the wilderness by canoeing, fishing, and camping all while building a bond between father and son that any young boy can relate to. This sweet, funny, and sentimental story is a great way to commemorate any awesome dad!

Days with Dad by Nari Hong


Based on author Nari Hong’s own childhood, Days With Dad tells of all of the things a young girl does with her dad, who uses a wheelchair. Though the father is regretful of his inability to walk, his daughter shares fond memories of all of the things they are able to do together. From drinking hot cocoa to building sandcastles on the beach, the sweet story commemorates the unconditional love between a father and his daughter.

Dad By My Side by Soosh


Dad By My Side is a beautifully illustrated story of a larger-than-life father and his young daughter. The bond they share is unbreakable. From warding off imaginary monsters to playing make-believe, this dad is always there when his daughter needs him. The message, beautifully delivered with lyrical text, is universal. This story is a great way to celebrate dads this Father’s Day.

The Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Dad! by Jan and Mike Berenstain


Another series familiar to 90’s kids is Jan and Mike Berenstain’s The Berenstain Bears. In this Father’s Day book, the Berenstain kids go all out spoiling their father on his special day. Papa Berenstain is always there for his family. Now it’s their turn to be there for him! This celebration of a goofy, loveable, and kind dad is a great read this Father’s Day.

Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman


This hilarious story by Neil Gaiman tells of a father’s journey to pick up milk for breakfast. The adventure involves everything from pirates and piranhas to aliens and time travel as he explains why he took so long to get back. The book, alongside illustrations by Skottie Young, is a charming way to celebrate any awesome father. Fortunately, the Milk is a fun read for Father’s Day!

I Love My Daddy by Sebastian Braun


This beautiful story follows a bear and his cub and details the bond they share. Whether dads are loud, playful, and goofy, or quiet and compassionate, fathers are always loving. It’s a story to make any dad feel loved and appreciated. This beautifully illustrated picture book celebrates dads and makes the perfect read for Father’s Day!

Because I’m Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa


This playful and endearing book shares a father’s hopes for his relationship with his child. The story touches on both the humorous and loving sides of fatherhood. The touching ending is a tribute to the author’s own father, Frank Zappa. With loving, lighthearted text accompanied by Dan Santat’s illustrations, the book is a perfect read this Father’s Day!

The bond between a father and child is unique and invaluable. This Father’s Day we’re celebrating dads from every background. Dads who stepped up, goofy dads, compassionate dads, all dads. Today we celebrate you and all you do for us.