Creator Of Beloved ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ Plans To Release New Work

Bill Watterson, famed cartoonist behind ‘Calvin and Hobbes’, is set to return to the spotlight with a new illustrated tale oriented for the adult audience.

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Bill Watterson with his illustrations

After enjoying widespread popularity with its broad audience and having been featured in 2,400 newspapers over the course of the comic-strip’s ten year run, Calvin and Hobbes concluded in 1995 on New Years Eve with Bill Watterson’s final published work. In the decades that followed, Watterson would seemingly disappear from the world’s eyes, preferring to lead a quiet life whilst indulging his passion for painting.

However, it wasn’t until last week when fans of Calvin and Hobbes were left in awe in light of the news that the legendary cartoonist would be returning to the public scene with a new series, The Mysteries, Watterson’s first major published work in nearly 30 years.

Release Date

Set to release on October 10, 2023, The Mysteries is a joint effort by Bill Watterson and the reputed American caricaturist John Kascht. The pair have previously collaborated with each other on several projects and the newly announced entry serves as a culmination of their expertise in producing a beautifully crafted story.

Cover of The Mysteries, new illustrated work by calvin and hobbes creator, uncanny valley individual in woods and cabin in backdrop.

However, unlike the colorful world of Calvin and his imaginary tiger, Watterson’s new book appears to be solely targeted for the grown-up audience as the fable will feature a somber and harrowing atmosphere replete with calamity and enigma; a major departure from either of the illustrator’s previous works. When approached about the new step in Watterson’s career, Calvin and Hobbes publisher Andrews McMeel described The Mysteries as

…a compelling, provocative story that invites readers to examine their place in the universe and their responsibility to others and the planet we all share, a fable that dares to intimate the big questions about our place in the universe.

Andrews McMeel
Bill Watterson's self-insert in his comic strip.

Fans of the Calvin and Hobbes series were introduced to several thought provoking themes over the course of its run. Important topics such as mortality, environmentalism, public education, and even philosophical dilemmas were addressed within the illustrated panels.

Those who have grown up with the adventures of Calvin and Hobbes are sure to enjoy the latest addition to Watterson’s career as he imbues each page with the same vitality that once drew millions into fascination with the daily comic strip. In light of the revelation of a new major work from the beloved cartoonist on the horizon, avid readers are justified in their excitement. The wait is nearly over.

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