Colleen Hoover Books That Need To Be Adapted Into Movies

We all know that ‘It Ends With Us’ has a script and is currently in production, but that doesn’t mean we’re not dying for Hoover’s other books to be adapted.

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Colleen Hoover’s books are trending more than ever before, especially with the recent release of It Starts With Us, the sequel to Hoover’s extremely popular 2016 novel, It Ends With Us. With all the circulating news and updates on the upcoming movie adaptation of It Ends With Us, it has me thinking about all of her other books that I need to see brought to the big screen.

1. All Your Perfects

All Your Perfects book cover

This novel explores what happens to a couple who had the perfect beginning but could have never foreseen the hardships they would endure as time went on. Seemingly brought together by fate, Quinn and Graham quickly become everything to each other. But after they are married, the full force of life and its cruel twists hit them, and they aren’t sure if their relationship will survive. 

This is one of my all-time favorite CoHo books. From the heart-wrenching plot to Graham being one of Hoover’s best male leads ever (in my opinion), to the undeniable love and devotion between Quinn and Graham, this is one adaptation that I will not be satisfied with until I see it. I’m just hoping it will stay true to the book!

2. November 9th

November 9th book cover

This one seems to me like it will be difficult to pull off as a movie. Between the yearlong time jumps, the multiple flashbacks to the past, and the various plot twists (it wouldn’t be a CoHo book without plot twists), I am apprehensive about whether this movie will be adapted accurately when the time comes.

Ben and Fallon have undeniable chemistry from the moment they meet. It is practically “love at first sight” for both of them, which is difficult to make the audience believe in a movie. In the book, thanks to Hoover’s skillful writing, it just works. I’m just wondering if the movie Ben and Fallon will have me rooting for them the same way I did for the book Ben and Fallon. Nevertheless, I think November 9th absolutely has to be made into a movie. So many unexpected twists happen in this book, and I can only imagine how exciting it would be for someone to watch this movie for the first time, having not previously read the book.

3. Regretting You

Regretting You book cover

Say it with me, everyone, “If a man doesn’t treat me like Jonah treats Morgan, I don’t want him!” While Regretting You is one of Hoover’s less raved-about books, it doesn’t mean it isn’t one of her best, and it still has a very devoted fanbase. It is a dual-perspective book, alternating between a mother’s and daughter’s (Morgan and Clara’s) points of view.

This book has everything you could hope for in a Colleen Hoover book: betrayal, secrets, a second chance romance, heartbreak, reconciliation, acceptance, and new beginnings. The only conflicting thoughts you’ll have after reading this beautiful story is whose relationship you are more in love with, Morgan and Jonah’s, or Clara and Miller’s (not to mention Morgan and Clara’s messy but beautiful mother-daughter relationship).

With the right cast and a script that stays true to the book, I think this story has more than enough potential to be an excellent movie. And I will be first in line to watch it!

While I’m hoping for movie adaptations of just about every Colleen Hoover book, these are the ones I absolutely need in my life, and soon!

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