Chetan Bhagat Novel Picked Up By Sony: One Indian Girl

Sony Pictures has picked ‘One Indian Girl’ written by Chetan Bhagat to be adapted. Here is everything about this writer including his past adaptations.

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Sony Pictures International Productions, co-headed by Shebnem Askin and Michael Rifkin, is Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Motion Picture Group’s local-language production arm. Every year, it releases around 30 films in 12 different markets throughout the world. This time it is Chetan Bhagat inspired.

Sony Pictures International Productions has purchased the film adaptation rights to Chetan Bhagat’s critically praised novel “One Indian Girl,” which was published in 2016. The company expects to start work on a Hindi-language remake later this year.

The story centers around a high-flying woman financier who is educated and accomplished but finds it difficult to find love. This novel shattered pre-sale records on Amazon India when it was released.

chetan bhagat book, One Indian Girl
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Lada Singh, the Indian arm of SPIP’s director of creative affairs, was key in securing the rights purchase. In India, SPIP is responsible for films such as “Pad Man” and “102 Not Out.

“As the film market continues to boom in India, we’re continuously looking for exciting content that stands out from both a creative and cultural perspective, and we’re thrilled to adapt and produce Chetan Bhagat’s book for the big screen,” said Askin, co-head of SPIP.

“It’s always thrilling to see a narrative you’ve written adapted into a film. The fact that SPIP has bought the film adaptation rights to ‘One Indian Girl’ is very encouraging because this is the studio behind some of our generation’s most successful pictures” said Bhagat. He further added, “This narrative has both a national and international appeal, and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.”

Chetan Bhagat is a highly disputed writer who is both famous and infamous in the reader community of India. Bhagat, the author of nine novels, is noted for writing clear, fast-paced narratives that transition well to film. “3 Idiots” (based on Bhagat’s first novel “Five Point Someone”), “2 States,” and the award-winning smash “Kai Po Che” (based on “The Three Mistakes of My Life”) are among the previous film adaptations of Bhagat’s books. He helped write the scripts for both “Kai Po Che” and “Half Girlfriend.” “One Indian Girl’s” writing, cast, crew, and production details have yet to be completed.

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