Checking in on Bookstr Team’s 2024 Reading Goals

We prioritize our TBR no less than our To-do-list. Find out how Bookstr team’s doing with their 2024 reading goals.

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It’s already March, and most of us have either dropped our New Year’s resolutions or are starting to feel the weight of our Vision Boards. One thing the Bookstr team never lets fall by the wayside though is, of course, reading. We’re always looking to hit new strides in our bookish habits, so let’s check in on where everyone stands on their reading goals of 2024.

Tackling My TBR at a Reasonable Pace

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I never set a specific number of reads per month or year. My goal is always to keep myself reading a little bit of everything I consume: manga, books, light novels, and WEBTOONS. I can get neurotic and read several at once, but my objective right now is consistency over lunacy. As long as I’m chipping away at my TBR without it feeling like a chore, I’m good. Right now I’m prioritizing two reads at a time: one for the morning, the other for the evening. Maybe along the way, I’ll pile up the pick-ups, but for now, two at a time feels right.

Gabriela Collazo, Editorial

Reading More Nonfiction

Book cover image of The Wager by David Grann against a background of stacked library bookshelves.

In 2024, my goal is to read more nonfiction. I’ve always had a preference for novels, but I want to get out of my comfort zone this year by picking up some nonfiction as well. So far, I haven’t made any progress on this goal — I’ve spent the first few months of the year trying to get through the leftover fiction titles from my 2023 TBR. However, after I tackle those, I have a few nonfiction books lined up that I’m really looking forward to reading! First on the list is David Grann’s The Wager.

Lauren Nee, Editorial

Reading More Than Last Year

Book cover image of Lights Out by Navessa Allen against a background of bookshelves and a basket of pink flowers in the bottom right-side corner.

My reading goals are very vague. As a full-time college student who’s a double-major, intern, member of the dance team and someone who’s currently writing her own poetry book, I tend to have very little free time between dancing, art, and homework. However, I would like to read more books than last year (which, honestly, isn’t that hard to beat). So far, I’m not that many in, but I did just finish Lights Out by Navessa Allen — which is currently free online until the official drop in March, so I’d highly recommend it if you’re into romance or dark romance! Make sure to read the warnings, though!

Alexandra Mellott, Editorial

Reading More Romance

My 2024 reading goal this year is to read more romance. I have never been the biggest romantic person. It has never really caught my eye, and I end up getting bored after a few chapters. But I feel like I have been judging the romance genre too hard when I haven’t given it enough of a chance, and I have had many people recommend countless books that I deny solely due to their high levels of romance.

Close-up sepia photo of an open book, with two pages propped up in the center folded into a heart.

I feel like I am missing out on a new possible obsession, so this year, I have made it my goal to read more romance. So far, I have only read one romance core book in 2024, and to be quite honest, it was very difficult to get through. It does not sound like a lot, but to me, that is a crazy amount of romance! I am hoping to try another out when I finish up my current read; I just gotta find the perfect one.

Erin Ewald, Editorial

Set the Number and Hopefully Smash It

Close-up image of a hand holding a pen, writing a checkbox list on a graph grid page notebook.

I read, on average, 200 books a year. I only count full-length novels, but I also read short stories and poetry; I count those if they’re part of an anthology. I set my goal at 150 for the year, and this past year, in 2023, I barely beat it. At the moment, I am at 23 for the year.

Kristi Eskew, Editorial

Make More Time To Read for Pleasure

As an English and American Studies major, I am reading all of the time. The problem is, it is not always the books that I want. I don’t always have time to read when I have to finish up a couple of chapters of Ulysses or read more of Mill on the Floss or crack open Devil in the White City. Along with my regular school work, reading these books can burn me out sometimes from reading. That leads to me not having time to read for fun until my breaks.

A young woman laying in bed reading, with her feet propped up against a wooden bedframe panel and a white flower lying next to her head.

This year, I want to change that. I want to look at my schedule to make sure that I will have my work done in time while also carving out some time to take a study break and read a fun new book. I want to remember why I love to read and read more than just what was assigned to me. While the books that are assigned to me are interesting, they are not the light books I would pick on my own accord. I want to get lost in a simple novel that I truly want to read because it feels like a while since I have done that during school time. Life is about balance, and that is also true for the books that we read.

Rachel Rosenfield, Editorial

To Read More

An open book on a desk, with an unseen female flipping through the pages. A single pen cap sits by the book, along with other scattered items, including: a pair of reading glasses, a black computer keyboard, and an open notebook.

I didn’t set a specific goal, but I wanted to read more. Since I graduated last May, I wasn’t in much of a mood for reading since I had to cram ten books into a few months — and most of them were boring. So, I decided I should read more and read for fun. So far this year, I’ve read four books. The shortest one had about 350 pages, and the others had over 500. So, while I’m sure I’m far behind many other bookworms, I am proud of my progress so far.

Danielle Tomlinson, Editorial

Reading More and Often

A young black woman in a white blouse looking into the camera while holding a stack of books, in front of library bookshelves.

My reading goal this year was to honestly try to read more. I used to read quite a lot, but I’d fallen off over time. I started out doing just that, but it’s only going so, so. I will say that I have been reading more than I was last year, even as a start to the new year, so I applaud myself for that. All in all, it’s just going so far, but I hope to pick up a bit more and read more and often as the months go by.

Quiarah B/Vphan, Editorial

And those are the Bookstr team’s reading goals! We hope our community is making progress on their bookish resolutions, too. Just remember that everyone’s reading journey looks different. All that matters is that you keep on reading.

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