Celebrating Literature and Music- Three To Read

With music making our lives a lot more bearable, here are some books to enjoy International Music Day.

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Two things that the world is grateful for are music and books—the perfect outcome of our society. This international music day, pick up a book that speaks about the importance and magical quality of music. Here are some of our recommendations for books inspired and about music.

Hot Pick

Beating Heart Baby

by Lio Min


As he arrives at his new high school, everyone in the incredibly skilled marching band greets artistic and sensitive Santi with open arms. Except for Suwa, the prickly, proud musical genius who doesn’t believe Santi has what it takes to join the band. With Suwa’s quest for a solo spotlight, there is a possibility of further rivalry. The story is about whether Suwa and Santi be able to tackle their issues and realize their dreams.


Covering themes of coming of age, friendships and aspirations, Lio Min beautifully mixes the confused teenage years with the beauty of music. The book is set to release on July 26th 2022.

Dark Horse

Most Dope: The Extraordinary Life of Mac Miller

by Paul Cantor


The first biography of rapper Mac Miller, a Pittsburgh cult favorite who rose to fame as a rap sensation before tragically passing away at the age of twenty-six. Most Dope is equal parts love letter and cautionary tale, never shying away from Mac Miller’s raw, visceral life.


Paul Cantor takes you to leafy Pittsburgh, seductive Los Angeles, and frenetic New York, where you’ll meet Miller’s colleagues, producers, business partners, best friends, and even his housemates, through thorough reporting and interviews with hundreds of Miller’s confidants.

Coffee Shop Read

Enter the Blue

by Dave Chisholm


When Jessie Choi’s mentor Jimmy Hightower passes out after a performance, she is dragged reluctantly back into the jazz scene she had abandoned years before. Every strand in the investigation into the music and mystery surrounding Jimmy’s unconscious state leads to the same conclusion: is Jimmy stuck in this enigma known as The Blue? Jessie rubs elbows with legends, uncovers the dark history of Blue Note Records, and confronts her own innermost fears in her quest to save her teacher.


What begins as one woman’s search for artistic courage transforms into a breathtaking exploration of what jazz music can tell us about our quest for the most authentic version of ourselves.

Music is a big part of literature and we hope you enjoy our recommendations this International Music Day!

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