Cait Corrain’s New Apology Receives Instant Backlash

Cait Corrain returns from her hiatus after her review-bombing scandal with a controversial interview covering mental health.

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Back in December 2023, Cait Corrain, author of Crown of Starlight, got into a large controversy over Goodreads for review-bombing other 2024 debuts, the majority of them being authors of color. Corrain posted an apology on X (formerly Twitter) that was heavily criticized and proceeded to lose her book deal and the respect of others in the literary sphere. Now she’s returned with a new interview, which has led to new concerns from the bookish community.

What Happened to Cait Corrain?

For a full rundown of the events, check out the original incident and the aftermath. To anyone new to the situation, here’s a quick overview. Former 2024 debut author, Cait Corrain did a disservice to herself when she review-bombed her fellow 2024 debuts through Goodreads using a fake account. She proceeded to falsify screenshots of the situation, blaming the review bombs on a nonexistent person before finally confessing in entirety to the situation. In an apology on X, Corrain blamed the event on her mental health.

Crown of Starlight by Cait Corrain cover woman with halo.

The situation was resolved as Cait Corrain lost her book deal, and the impacted authors received support from the community. Until February 14th, when Cait Corrain did an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast about her situation that led to the review-bombing incident.

What Was the Interview?

To read Corrain’s new interview, check it out here. Be warned: the interview gets into triggering and sensitive content as Corrain gives a more in-depth view of her situation. She goes into detail on her mental health and the medications that drove her to the review-bombing incident.

“This was not a story about me going on a racist rampage. This was a story about a really insane attempt to make it look like none of my competitors were nearly as popular as I was.”

Author Who Review-bombed Writers of Color: ‘I’m Not Racist,’ The Daily Beast

Corrain insisted on the fact that her decisions were not racially motivated, despite the fact that she mainly review-bombed books written by people of color. She claims her actions were not her own due to the medications she was on and her mental state at the time. Corrain checked into an in-patient psychiatric facility after the incident and has since acknowledged her wrongdoings.

Public Response to Corrain’s Apology

Corrain’s apology only served to stir more controversy on X. Akana Phenix, one of the authors impacted by Corrain’s review-bombing, realized Corrain was interviewed by the same columnist as Phenix when she talked about the initial situation. Allegedly, Corrain intentionally chose the same columnist, although neither Phenix nor Corrain have made any further statements on the matter yet.

IMAGE VIA X/@AkanaPhenix

Worse, another incident of review-bombing has occurred just recently and has stirred concern amongst 2024 debuts once again.


Due to the timing of Corrain’s new interview and once again someone review-bombing 2024 debuts, it’s no surprise people are concerned that Corrain may be involved. Other 2024 debut authors have continued to question the authenticity of her apology, contradicting what Corrain said.

IMAGE VIA X/StorySorcery

Due to these various concerns, it’s clear that Corrain’s apology hasn’t changed public opinion, and once again draws further attention to review-bombing incidents and the treatment of authors of color. It’s unclear where Corrain plans to go with her career, but there is still far too much controversy around her apologies and actions for her to move on so easily.

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