Brilliantly Bookish Ways to Celebrate Your Beautiful Galentines

Sick of romance-based Valentine’s Day traditions Check out these ideas to celebrate the best Galentine’s Day of your life!

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Soft feminine colors with three pictures displayed as though through windows. First a book and flowers open on a bed. Second, a coffee mug set on top of a book. Third, a vase of flowers and an open book near an open window.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, there will be an onslaught of romance in stores, shows, book covers, and restaurant menus. The list goes on and on. Quite frankly, the hearts will be used ad nauseam, at the behest of very few, and all in the name of commercialism disguised as love. Thankfully, the far less commercialized — and far more fun — Galentine’s Day will also be here on February 13th! That’s right, the day you get to celebrate with your best girlfriends is also here, and we at Bookstr have the best ideas for how you should celebrate! Here are five brilliantly bookish ways to celebrate your beautiful Galentines. 

Pride and Prejudice/The Notebook Double Feature

Elizabeth Bennet looks over the English countryside in soft morning light. She stands atop a cliff edge as her skirts blow in the wind.

Find a friend with a great home theater and cry to your favorite classic romances. Let the popcorn pop, and the tears flow. If it’s your thing, let the literary cocktails flow, too!

Mini Gal Princess Brunch

All the Disney princesses come together for a selfie.

Teach your little one how to celebrate Galentine’s Day right! Put on a princess brunch for her and her little Galentines! Have the girls dress up as a princess from their favorite fairytale story and teach them young that they don’t need a prince to save them. 

The Great Bookish Bake Off

A woman in a modest apron kneads a very sticky dough on a butcher block counter.

Get a group of girls together and have a baking night with your favorite book-themed treats. Turn on the tunes, dance in your socks, and make these nine recipes inspired by books with your best friends!

Galen-Wines PJ Party + Book Exchange

A woman sits in her bedroom wearing a sweatshirt that says "Galentine Social Club - Ladies Celebrating Ladies."

Nothing beats getting together with your best girls to drink wine and discuss your favorite books! That’s why a Galen-WINES party and book exchange is the perfect way to celebrate your forever friendships. Bonus if you wear bookish loungewear or pajamas to party in!

Storybook Weekend Retreat

A quaint dreamy castle set against a a very green landscape with blooming flowers.

Sometimes, you just need to get away with our girls, and a Galentine’s Day retreat is the perfect escape. There are so many affordable Airbnbs like this storybook castle in Alabama that have an amazing bookish feel. Imagine going to an actual castle for the weekend with your girlfriends to read in peace or brainstorm writing ideas for your next story! 

As you can see, Galentines is WAY more fun than overrated Valentine’s Day. So, go grab your Galentines and get your bookish party started!

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