Bridgerton Season 3 Opening Announcement!

Dearest Readers, didn’t you miss me? Lady Whistledown returns in the opening clip for Bridgerton Season 3 in an exclusive video from Netflix!

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Dear beloved members of the ton, we know you’ve been waiting for this. Bridgerton Season 3 is still being filmed, but in order to appease your voracious appetites for details about our beloved Bridgerton family and the mysterious Lady Whistledown, here is a tiny teaser about the upcoming season, featuring two of our favourite ton members: Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington!


In an exclusive video release from Netflix, Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope Featherington aka Lady Whistledown, read the season’s opening announcement, as written by her alter-ego persona, Lady Whistledown.

Dearest Gentle reader, we’ve been apart for far too long. At last, London’s smart set has made its return and so too has this author. As the season begins, the question on everyone’s minds is, of course, which newly minted debutante will shine the brightest. The crop this year appears to be dazzling indeed. Unfortunately, not every young lady can attract the light.


The opening episode of Season 3 is entitled “Out of the Shadows”, which most likely refers to Penelope’s desire to stop being a wallflower this season and finally get a husband. The synopsis of this season explains that Penelope wants to get a husband this season and that Colin Bridgerton offers her his assistance, in a desire to reconcile their friendship, which took a disastrous turn at the end of the previous season when Penelope overhears Colin stating that he would never, ever be romantically involved with her. Obviously book fans know that Colin will have to eat his words, but the drama and romance of the season is what we’re all looking forward to….

In the same video clip, Claudia Jessie and Luke Newton– Eloise and Colin Bridgerton– answer questions about the upcoming season while painting each others’ portraits. Jessie asks Newton why Colin cannot see that Penelope is his true love, to which Newton replies that his character struggles to see what’s right in front of him.


This is true to the book characters; in the book series, Penelope was a spinster of twenty-eight before Colin saw her in a new romantic light. While it is obviously not so long in the Bridgerton Netflix world that Penelope has been partner-less, it has still been three seasons till they become romantically involved.

All other Bridgerton couples have gotten together in the span of one season. Daphne and Simon’s romance started the show and Kate, Anthony’s now-wife, was only introduced in Season 2. On the other hand, both Penelope and Colin have been main characters since Season 1, meaning that their romance has seriously been a long time in the making.


In the video, Jessie also states that she can’t play a teenager forever. This is a possible allusion to the fact that her character, Eloise Bridgerton, also becomes an ‘on-the-shelf’ spinster before she gets married. In fact, in the books, three Bridgerton siblings– Colin, Eloise and Francesca– all get married within a few weeks of each other.

Colin marries Penelope and as a result of partially losing her best friend with whom she thought she would grow old together with as unmarried spinsters, Eloise goes off on an adventure which results in her marriage to Sir Phillip Crane. Following the unexpected marriage of Eloise which Francesca cannot attend, seeing as she is in Scotland, Francesca marries Michael Stirling, the Earl of Kilmartin, without any of her family present.


Interestingly enough, Francesca’s story, When He Was Wicked, overlaps with both Colin and Eloise’s stories, seeing as Colin encourages Michael to go to Scotland after Francesca, stating that he has just proposed to Penelope, which takes place in Romancing Mister Bridgerton, and Francesca receives a letter stating that Eloise has just gotten married, which takes place in To Sir Phillip, With Love.

Despite the overlap of the three Bridgerton siblings’ romances, it is unlikely that fans will get three romances crammed into one season, or even two. The Netflix series skipped over Benedict and Sophie’s romance, An Offer From a Gentleman, not to mention that Eloise’s book-husband is now married to Marina Thompson, Penelope’s cousin.


Additionally, Francesca Bridgerton was largely absent from the first two seasons of the show, thanks to scheduling conflicts with Ruby Stokes and has just been recast with Hannah Dodd. Even more pointedly, Francesca hasn’t even entered society yet, much less met John, her first husband, who dies under tragic circumstances.

However, given those book occurrences, it is at least reasonable to assume that Francesca will enter the Marriage Mart in Season 3. In the books, she is described as Eloise’s “accidental twin”, seeing as they share a birthday, one year apart. It is possible that she will met John this season, thus setting the stage for When He Was Wicked in Seasons 5 or 6 of the show, if Netflix orders more seasons!


Colin and Penelope’s romance is likely to be one to remember! The actors teased the infamous carriage scene in an earlier clip release and die-hard Bridgerton fans will likely have a lot to look forward to with Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan at the helm this season!

All readers should look forward to this season in the ton and remember, nothing, not even old time friends, are who they seem….

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