‘Boy Hates Girl’: Clumsy New Girl Brings The Dead to Life!

A girl who can raise the dead and a flirty guy with a bad reputation. Will they be enemies-to-friends or more? Read this supernatural Webtoon, ‘Boy Hates Girl’!

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It may be November, but our supernatural Webtoon recommendations aren’t over yet! Boy Hates Girl is a recent comic with a creepy high school plot with just the right amount of romance. Keep reading to learn all about this supernatural Webtoon!

When a new girl in town who possesses strange powers and a boy who is mostly looking for a girl to be with cross paths, you’d never expect the story you get. This classic clumsy girl and bad boy trope with hints of oddities will keep you laughing.

Boy Hates Girl: Plot

Boy Hates Girl supernatural Webtoon with some romance

Beau Delacroix despises Petra Pines upon their first meeting when she unwittingly ruins his chances to hook up with the hottest girl in school. However, Petra has her own supernatural problems like controlling her powers to raise the dead. Soon Beau’s simple life gets turned upside down involving chaos and weird happenings.

Meet the Boy and Girl

Beau Delacroix

Boy Hates Girl supernatural Webtoon with some romance

Beau is a bad boy and arrogant. He constantly thinks about wanting to have sex with the hottest girl in school, but when a random klutz trips and breaks his dream girl’s nose, he blames her for his chances being ruined. Now that the new girl is his lab partner, he will do everything to make her school life miserable. With a bad reputation, because his sweet family owns a gun business, he is well-known on the lacrosse team. But as he sees Petra and discovers odd things happening around her, will he find out her secret?

Petra Pines

Boy Hates Girl supernatural Webtoon with some romance

Petra Pines lives in the swamp that her grandfather inherited. Although creatures lurk in the forests and waters, the swamp is beautiful and her home. She loves her dead/alive dog named Cricket and prefers the creatures of the dead. Living people make her uncomfortable and she possesses the power to raise the dead. She is trying to learn how to control her powers, but when a mysterious dream catcher haunts her dreams, she needs to find it and destroy it before she’s exposed.

As school starts and she accidentally bumps into a guy who is now her lab partner, she discovers that he hates her and sabotages her. However, this is something her thick skull cannot comprehend until later. What will she do when juggling all her emotions and issues? You’ll just have to read and find out!

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