Booky Call App: It’s Like Tinder But For Books!

A date with a book? Yes please! Spice up your book discovery life with this witty app parodying the world of online dating.

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Whether you’re a casual or a serious reader, this fastly growing app is just for you!

Booky Call lines up recommendations based on your bookish preferences in the most charmingly hilarious way possible. Essentially, they have taken the structure of the popular dating app, Tinder, and converted it to serve all your book discovery needs.

Read below to see how Booky Call can help you find your next book match made in heaven.

Set Your Preferences

Upon downloading Booky Call’s free app, users can preliminarily set their preferences for potential book matches! Adjusting each genre category based on your level of interest sets the stage for optimal book discovery. If you wish to narrow your search decisively, you can turn off fiction or nonfiction recommendations altogether.

As for the indecisive reader (like me), preferences can be updated at any point under your profile, so you can find reads that fit your current interests as they shift or evolve.

Preferences for Booky Call app
Image via Booky Call

Book Dating Profiles

Booky Call puts a lot of creative effort into comprising in-depth, “humanized” dating profiles for each potential book match, making the app particularly personable and charming to use.

Markedly, their lineup of recommendations is not made for a blind date with a book but for gaining a comprehensive insight into whether a read is a good fit for you. Of course, you can always judge a book by its cover (I certainly do), but Booky Call allows you to truly get to know your book match before arranging a meet-up.

Here’s a glimpse into Booky Call’s romantic profile for Jennifer Probst’s The Secret Love Letters of Olivia Moretti.

Example of Booky Call match profile
Image via Booky Call

Each potential match includes a clever introductory synopsis written in the first person. Then, as you continue to scroll, there are snip-its of quotes to catch your eye, first date ideas, a brief background on the author, and a short audiobook clip to listen to. All of which help you get a thorough idea of each read before you swipe.

Speaking of matches, when you swipe right on a read, the book’s dating profile will slide into your DMs and ask about meeting in real life (in print) or keeping it digital (eBook or Audiobook) with coinciding links for whatever you desire.

Also, if you wish to revisit any of your past recommendations in which you swiped left, there is a tab to view your complete history of book profiles.

U Up?

I’m not usually one to allow notifications from apps, but Booky Call sends automated messages that are too amusing to pass up. These notifications include intermittent “U Up?” texts spotlighting some new potential book matches for your profile.

After using the app for about a week, I’m genuinely impressed by its convenient structure and comedic content, which makes book discovery feel unique and fresh. An added plus is that Booky Call is free of annoying ads and pop-ups. Nothing takes away from the book lover’s experience of finding their next dream read.

Notably, Booky Call sidesteps the component of book reviewing to provide an experience solely about falling in love with a new read. Unlike the hassle of online dating, Booky Call is a lighthearted, lively app encouraging book-matchmaking at its finest.

To start book dating this summer, download Booky Call or check out their weekly Podcast. Both of which showcase this amusingly innovative way to bring books to life!

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