Bookstr Team’s Favorite Reading Spots for Springtime That We Love

Spring is here, and we’re leaving the four walls of our living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms (most likely our tubs) behind! Come see our favorite reading spots!

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A spring scene of a large book stalk reaches past fluffy, white clouds. A transparent caterpillar reading beside the tall stalk of books. People sit in the grass reading near flowers and the book stalk. A woman sits on a bench reading underneath a cherry blossom tree.

With the weather (hopefully) turning warmer, we’re taking our books out of the house and marching straight into our backyards, onto our front porches, down to the parks, onto trains and getting comfy for the long ride, into actual coffee shops and bistros, and down to our treasured shady benches by the water — wherever your favorite spot is to go outside and read. The Bookstr Team is here to share some of our favorite cozy spots to sit and enjoy the spring weather while indulging in a book. Read on to find out what our favorite outside spots are!

Outdoor Oasis

A backyard full of different planted flowers with a stone pathway and a small fountain surrounded by stone.

The backyard of my house is why my family chose it as our forever home, and it’s my absolute favorite spot to read outside. There’s a pool and a waterfall feature that make for great background noise while relaxing and reading a good book. Plus, my dogs like to hang with me in my favorite lounge chair.

  • Kendall, Graphics

Cozy Cafe

A young woman reads a book at a cafe table with a cup next to her.

Cafes are never a miss when it comes to getting some reading done! Currently in NY, Book Bars/Cafes have been REALLY popular, and I love getting reading done there. Plus, there’s endless snacks and great aesthetics.

  • Michelle, Social

The Beach

A woman lying on a beach towel reading on a sandy beach with the water and small mountain in the background.

When I was still living in Southern California, I loved being able to read outside at the beach. My friends and I would have a little picnic blanket out with food and games, and we’d bring our books to read. It was a great way to enjoy fresh air while also being able to dive into a great story!

  • Bernardine, Editorial

Home Sweet Home

A porch made of brick with a porch swing with pillows on it. Behind the porch is a luscious forest of trees and grass.

My husband and I recently had our first child and purchased our first family home. This home brings me immense peace and comfort. We have a nice big front porch facing a pasture with a bunch of horses and a skyline that has the Appalachian Mountains in the distance. That front porch has easily become my favorite place to read; it’s quiet, peaceful, beautiful, and feels like a safe space. I can easily lose hours sitting right there.

  • Krysten, Graphics

Library Atmosphere

A woman sitting at a table in the library. a croissant and cup sitting on the table next to a pair of glasses. She holds a book against her while looking up. Behind her are shelves of books and children's toys.

I haven’t done it in a while, so I may once the weather is less rainy, but the library is honestly a great place to go for hanging out and reading. If not for reading, it’s certainly just nice to sift through the shelves to find my next reading adventure. My library in town has really big, comfy booths by the windows that you can sit in and lose yourself in a good book. Once I’ve checked out the books I want, I’ll usually pop into a booth, pull out something to read that I’ve been dying to dive into, and let the world fade away for a while.

  • Quiarah B/Vphan, Editorial

Boardwalk Bliss

A boardwalk with thick rails on each side and streetlamps hanging off the left side rails. Benches on the right side. Trees and dwellings behind the right side rails.

When the weather starts to warm, there’s no better place to read than on the boardwalk. I take my book and a pair of sunglasses and sit on a bench facing the beach. There’s something so serene about listening to the ocean waves while reading a good story. The hours fly away without me noticing, and before I know it, the sun is setting over the gentle waves. It’s a truly healing experience.

  • Lauren Nee, Editorial

Backyard Patio and Fire Ring


I love to sit outside when the weather is nice to read. Depending on the time of day, that’s either on my back patio or lounging around on a hammock by the gravel fire ring. Our house is surrounded by trees, so there are no neighbors or road noises to disturb the peace and tranquility of the area.

  • Kristi Eskew, Editorial

Nature’s Embrace

An open book lying in the grass covered by purple and yellow flowers.

In the tranquil sanctuary of my backyard, I find solace amidst the rustling of pages and the gentle caress of the spring wind. As the sun’s warm embrace envelops me, I delve into the enchanting worlds crafted by words, each page a portal to adventure. With the soft grass beneath my feet grounding me, I am transported to realms unknown, where imagination dances freely. The symphony of chirping birds and swaying branches provides a harmonious backdrop to my literary journey, blending seamlessly with the tales unfolding before my eyes. Here, in this oasis of calm, I am not just a reader but a voyager, exploring endless possibilities under the open sky.

  • Trish G, Editorial

The Outside World Indoors

A plush seat near the window with a pillow and plants. A blanket, an open book, and reading glasses sit on the plush seat. A cup sits on the windowsill next a potted plant.

The comfort of my home is perfect for an antisocial bookworm like me. If I want to get into the spring/summer feel, I love to use my Amazon Alexa and turn on some ambient sounds to fill the atmosphere and keep it on repeat. Depending on my mood, I like to switch it up and go on my TV and play an ambient video of a coffee shop, a bedroom at night with rain, or even on a front porch that’s 24 hours long. It’s comforting knowing that I don’t need to make the long trip out the door if I have the ability to manipulate the scenario right in front of me. Yes, I enjoy the outside noise, but only if I’m in the house!

  • Jaiden Cruz, Graphics

Hanging in a Hammock

A young woman sits in a blue hammock, reading. A green lake, trees, and mountain are in the background.

In the warmer months, I love to put up a hammock by the lake and lay in it for hours with a good book. You get a little bit of sun and a little bit of shade, all while listening to the waves; it’s the perfect spot. You can be comfortable while being surrounded by nature. It’s also great if you happen to need a nap break!

  • Audrey, Social

These are some of our favorite reading spots during the warm spring months. What are yours?

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