Bookstr News: Apple’s New Journal App Is OTW!

With iOS 17, Apple’s new Journal App is coming out this September and we could not be more excited! We’ve broken down what the app is all about!

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An extension of the Health app, Apple’s new iOS 17 software is going to bring us Journal.  
With a primary emphasis on mental well-being and gratitude, Journal allows users to jot down their thoughts, activities, feelings, and things they are grateful for. However, unlike your secret lock and key diary (no point lying we all have one) or even the notes app, Journal can be connected to almost everything on your iPhone!

That means that Journal would give you personalized suggestions related to health and fitness, your photos, music, location, etc. 

On a day that the software suspects something is different, it sends you reminders to log in and reflect on what you are grateful for! How cool is that?


What good is this Apple Journal app to us?

Imagine this—You’ve just finished reading the most gut-wrenching book, and you don’t know whether to scream or cry or throw the book across your room. Journal helps you organize these devastating emotions and thoughts in a systematic way. Not only will you be able to gush about it through words, but you will also be able to pick and choose an ideal soundtrack to calm you down or a picture to aptly describe what you are feeling!

Moreover, for those of us who go on rampant journal-buying sprees but are not able to sustain journal writing for more than a few days, this is the perfect app! It creates a fun and unique way of journal-keeping. With their personalized suggestions, Apple does not give us the option to forget!

With this new software, our iPhones are set to become “more personal and intuitive”. For book lovers and beyond, Journal gives us a fun and exciting way to keep our mental health on track!

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