Bookstagrammers Share Their Love for Divine Rivals

Have you heard about the 2023 famous book Divine Rivals? Check out this article to hear opinions from Bookstagrammers!

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A copy of Divine Rivals stood next to a vintage typewriter on top of a white desk

There’s no doubt that 2023 was a big year for books in the reading community. One certain book caught a lot of attention throughout Bookstagram. Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross took the community by storm by telling the story of two unlikely enemies competing for the same position as a journalist during a messy war. I have asked some Bookstagram creators their thoughts on the book, and you can decide if you might pick up a copy, along with the newly released second book, Ruthless Vows!

Hello, everyone! What are your thoughts after reading Divine Rivals?

Steph D.'s left hand holding a copy of Divine Rivals over a white blanket

Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross is a magical young adult ‘romantasy’ novel about Roman and Iris, two journalists who are competing for the same position. I was instantly transported into their world and the magic within the pages. When I was reading, I could not devour these words fast enough, and I was so in love with the love story between these two characters. The yearning and the love that Roman and Iris developed for each other was beautiful. I also loved the way that Ross was able to capture the tragic loss that these characters suffered throughout the story but also the hope that they had.”

– Steph D., @whatsteph.isreading

Sarah's right hand holding a copy of Divine Rivals over a white blanket

Divine Rivals was one of my top books of 2023, and I will forever recommend it to anyone looking for a historical fantasy/romance book. I adored both Iris and Roman, and their love story was so beautiful. The writing style in this book was so descriptive, which made me feel like I was immersed in the world. I will always think about this book and hope to reread it in the near future!”

– Sarah, @sliz.bookshelf

Jordan Zook holding a copy of Divine Rivals inside her decorated van

“I devoured this unique love story. Not only will this fantasy make you laugh, cry, and scream at the pages, but it will leave you immediately heading to the bookstore to get the next one. I felt like I was truly there with Iris and Roman at the newsroom and in the trenches. Rebecca Ross really knows how to pull at your heartstrings and leave you eager for more. Divine Rivals was one of my favorite reads of the year and one I will never forget.”

– Jordan Zook, @jordanzooksbooks

Leira Joyce sitting in a white chair in front of window holding a copy of Divine Rivals

Divine Rivals is the perfect book for romance lovers wanting to start their fantasy reading journey. The writing, character development, and world-building are unlike anything I have read before. I fell in love with the story of the two writers, Roman and Iris. This book is filled with playful banter, romance, history, tragedy, and easy-to-love characters.”

– Leira Joyce, @leirasreads

Keana's left hand holding a copy of Divine Rivals in front of her bookshelf

Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross is a perfect read for the hopeless romantics out there looking for a bit of magic. The conflicts were relevant to the lives of the characters, and overall, Ross’ writing is captivating, beautiful, and kept me on the edge of my seat at the end!”

– Keana, @keanasreads

Karen holds Divine Rivals book against a backdrop of sunny beach and ocean.

“It was so easy for me to slip into the pages of this book, and I feel like I was part of the story. I was able to visualize every scene, and as soon as I started, I could not stop. I devoured this book and loved every moment. The gods and the myths were so interesting, and I loved how easy it was to follow along with the writing style. I personally am a sucker for love letters, and I love how, despite Iris and Roman having both experienced some personal family hardships along with conflicts with each other, they were able to form the sweetest relationship through their love of writing. Even with the world at war, these two found hope and strength in each other, and the slow burn and banter just made their love story that much more beautiful. A truly magical tale that’s both heartwrenching and heartwarming. It deserves infinite stars!”

– Karen M., @magpie_readsit

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