Books You Should Read for Native American Day

Today marks Native American Day, so let’s uncover the common historical mistakes with Pocahontas and Thanksgiving! While immersing ourselves in Native art!

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Culture Shock. Here we are again with another History lesson. The purpose of today is not to make you feel bad; never shall that be the case, but are you actually aware of the historical inaccuracies that plagued you in school? Look no further because I have a reading list for you, and don’t worry, we have creative pieces as well. Let’s celebrate Native American Day together!

The True Story of Pocahontas: The Other Side of History

Pocahontas. Native American Day.

It’s the retelling that needs to be yelled louder. Pocahontas sadly did not have the same luxuries as her cartoon counterpart. There was no love story between John Smith and Pochahontas. Did they get along? Sure! But it was far from romantic. Pocahontas was 12 years old whiles Smith was 28! Call the cops, or I will! Pocahontas was betrothed to John Rolfe; again, there was nothing romantic about this relationship. You’ll find out more in the book and how Pocahontas passed away soon after.

The Real Story of Thanksgiving: Early Encounters Europeans and Indians 


Yes, we are pulling all the stops! How was it really like meeting the Natives? Forget everything you know because this might blow your mind. There wasn’t turkey on the first Thanksgiving?! You’ll find a lot more about Squanto and how the alliance started between the Wampanoag tribe and the early settlers. The Real Story of Thanksgiving will give insight into how everything went down. Let’s say your history teachers breezed past a lot.

The Way To Rainy Mountain 

N. Scott Momaday

Let’s take a break from history and step into the myths, legends, and history of the Kiowa Natives by N. Scott Momaday. Native Americans resonated with story-telling and art. It was a form of expression, and it’s heavily embedded within their culture. Momaday takes you on a journey through his eyes and Kiowa’s ways. Feel a calmness cascade on your shoulders when you pick up the book and begin turning pages. 

Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists


Today isn’t all about educating or immersing yourself in the Native culture. It could also be a day to commemorate artistry within the Native community. In Hearts of Our People, we will focus on Native Women Artists, which displays the many different art methods through beadwork, textiles, and digital arts. This book includes seventy-five Indigenous tribes, so you’ll see various techniques with reflections, history, and meaning behind each beautiful intricate piece. 

Take a moment of self-reflection. What do you see? Immerse yourself into other cultures that you’re not familiar with. Seeing the world through a different lens is an eye-opening experience. Get the picture?

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