Bookish Gifts a Pisces Would Love This Season

As a Pisces myself, I can speak very accurately on gift giving and gift receiving. Take a look at what I think any Pisces would love this Pisces season!

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pisces constellation

I am one of the lucky ones that can say I perfectly fit my star sign. Pisces are known to be extremely imaginative, creative, and kind. They can be a bit too easily trusting at times, but their easygoing nature helps resolve any conflicts. Pisces are often stereotyped as the most emotional sign. Yes, I can confirm, I do have my mental breakdowns, but doesn’t everyone? I have always felt strongly that Pisces are much more than their sad moments.

We are able to live in our dreams and hope that anything is possible. I know that I struggle with my temper which comes with being so compassionate all the time. I think Pisces, or maybe just myself, see themselves as two halves; one half being loving and emotional and the other half being blunt and not taking any nonsense. These halves come out simultaneously or individually in their personalities.

Read on to see the 10 bookish gifts I chose for the Pisces in your life this year!

1. A Tote Bag

Tote bag with pisces constellation

You will never see me without a tote bag and even if I don’t have one, there is probably one tucked in my purse.

This could not be a more perfect gift for my disorganized personality. I thrive on its lack of pockets. Totes are also the best bags to lug around your books.

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2. A Graphic Tee

T-shirt that says "Pisces; secretly wild"

I was actually gifted this shirt for my birthday, so I know a Pisces adored this gift.

It’s the perfect shirt to wear as you read your secretly smutty novels.

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3. A Funky Bookshelf

A bookshelf next to a stack of books

I don’t know about you or other Pisces, but my books are always spilling from my shelves. I have a perfectly adequate bookshelf, but over the years, the books have piled high on top of it.

Some books are in stacks around my room and I currently use stacked books as my nightstand.

This unique bookshelf would be perfect for any chaotic Pisces book collection.

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4. An Eyecatching Journal

A journal with flowers, plants and the moon

Pisces are known to be very emotional, so I am sure any Pisces would need a place to put those thoughts.

This is actually the current journal that I am using! It’s a great place to decompress and write everything I’m feeling.

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5. A Handmade Mug

4 handmade tea cups on a table

Recently, I have been wanting to get into pottery, so receiving a handmade mug would be very inspiring. I am obsessed with their organic shapes and painted images.

Any Pisces would enjoy tea or coffee in one of these while they read a book!

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6. A Silly, Squishy Pillow

3 mushroom pillows on a couch

I know a pillow is something any star sign would enjoy, but these mushrooms? Are you kidding me? I am can’t get enough.

I imagine laying in bed, reading a book, one of these pillows placed perfectly under my neck providing comfort. I’m sure they would position my neck perfectly to read from any position.

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7. A Book About Love

8 Rules of Love- book cover

This is classic Pisces literature. I am actually surprised I don’t already own ten copies of 8 Rules of Love: How to Find it, Keep it, and Let it Go by Jay Shetty.

I have no explanation for why love is always on my mind, but if this book can provide any insight, I need it in my life, and I am sure other Pisces would agree.

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8. A Camera

Green reusable film camera

A reusable film camera is a perfect way for a Pisces to capture moments they want to remember.

My sister bought me one for Christmas a few years ago and it is filled with many romanticized moments.

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9. A Subscription Tea Box

A woman holding a 'Sips by' subscription tea box

This is a gift I have always wanted to receive. I love the idea of giving a 6-month subscription as a gift. It’s a gift that just keeps on giving!

There are subscriptions available for almost anything these days, but tea sounds perfect. This gift would pair nicely with one of the mugs and the book above!

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10. A Handful of Sandy Seashells

A hand holding seashells at the beach

I turned to my sisters to ask for a gift suggestion and they suggested seashells. They know me so well.

We grew up collecting shells on the beach to give to each other and our mom.

I love a special, thoughtful gift like this.

To get this gift, visit your local beach and go for a little walk.

Are you or someone in your life a Pisces? Click here for some book suggestions or more gift ideas!