Bookify Wrapped: The Bookstr Team’s Reading Year in Review

Spotify Wrapped book edition is here! Check out what our team’s 2023 Bookify Wrapped looks like!

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Every year Spotify drops Spotify Wrapped. We are obsessed with seeing what we listened to, for how long, and the app’s quirky ways of giving us an awesome ”The Me” character! It’s incredibly fun to look back over the course of the last 12 months and see a snapshot of who we are and the music that followed us through all of life’s journey for the past 365 days. We at Bookstr wanted to twist the musical fun with a literary flair and see what our bookish year in review was. Keep reading to see how some of our team members faired for 2023.

Kristi’s Bookify Wrapped Synopsis

SMJ is a house fave for me. I discovered her in 2020 at the height of COVID and with ACOTAR, and I’ve followed every year since. I’m obsessed with Crescent City, so we’ll be discussing that come February 2024, but I finally attacked TOG this year and was destroyed by Kingdom of Ash. While SJM was my top author, as she’s who I read the most of, it was a late entry in November of Into their Woods that cinched that top book spot. My year in review is filled with female authors, though I did read male-written ones, too. There is something to be said about the way women write that just resonates so well with me. My Kindle knows I love the smutty romance books, but much of that revolved around the fantasy genre. So overall, that’s where my heart lies.

Kristi's Bookify Wrapped summary featuring Sarah J Maas

Lauren’s Year in Review

Lauren read an impressive 41 books over the course of the year and is also a lover of the fantasy genre and books written by women. Carmen Maria Machado is such a powerhouse of an author. Her memoir In the Dream House was absolutely gripping. Carrie Soto Is Back was such a wildly popular book this past year, and there’s no wonder why. There’s nothing better than reading the resilience and perseverance of a woman whom everyone expects to fail.

Lauren's Bookify Wrapped summary featuring author Carmen Maria Machado

Olivia’s Smutty Romance Bookify Summary

Olivia is a romance reader at heart, and her year reflects that perfectly. She read her first hockey romance this year and became obsessed — haven’t we all!? Emily Rath’s Jacksonville Rays series is to die for, so it’s no surprise that the author and Pucking Wild claimed her top spots this year. Pretty impressive, considering Olivia read 70 books this year!

Olivia's Spotify Wrapped summary featuring author Emily Rath.

Riyah’s 2023 Reading History

While Riyah’s top genre might have been historical fiction, it’s pretty clear she’s an eclectic reader. Her top books range from YA dystopian to spicy romance and politically charged novels of representation. Her Top Author list is just as diverse! I would love to see what else was included in her 54 books of the year!

Riyah's Bookify Wrapped summary featuring author Khaled Hosseini

Abigail’s Diverse Year in Review

If you’ve been keeping track of Abigail’s articles, you already knew her reading list would be just as filled with inclusion and diversity as those. I mean, how could they not!? Sealing the top author and book spots on Abby’s list is Tracy Deonn and her novel Bloodmarked. Among the others listed is a clear indication that Abby loves a bit of fantasy among her top genre of young adult. Can’t blame her there; I, too, love a good fantasy novel.

Abby's Spotify Wrapped summary featuring author Tracey Deonn

Trish’s 2023 Romance Filled Year

Trish is another of our resident romance writers/readers here at Bookstr, and her Bookify Wrapped surely shows it! Claiming top author is Penelope Douglas, one of BookTok’s spicy romance queens! Unsurprisingly, Trish’s top book is Kill Switch, a Devil’s Night novel by Douglas. Trish wrote a compelling article dedicated to the topic; be sure to check it out. What other spicy romance books did Trish read over the last 12 months? I’m dying to know!

Trish's Bookify Wrapped summary featuring author Penelope Douglas

Ashley’s Bookify Wrapped Summary

Ashley is relatively new to Bookstr, and we are so excited to have her here. Have you seen her Bookstagram @booksandcoffeewithashley? Ashley’s past year has been filled with some amazing authors and novels. Ellen O’Clover and her novel Seven Percent of Ro Devereux took the top spots on Ashley’s lists this year. Among the genres she read in her 29 books, Contemporary Young Adult was featured the most.

Ashley's Bookify Wrapped summary featuring an image of Ellen O'clover.

Alexandra’s Eclectic Bookify Wrapped

While Alex’s top genre is Fantasy Romance, it’s clear we’re using that as an umbrella genre. She’s got quite the eclectic mix of romance and fantasy on her tops’ lists. Featuring a diverse set of authors, it’s no surprise that her top books would also contain a variety of subgenre topics. Tehereh Mafi’s Shatter Me series though took hold with Alex this year and scored at the top of both lists.

Alexandra's Bookify Wrapped profile with an image of Tehereh Mafi

What does your Bookify Wrapped year-in-review look like? Does it look like any of our amazing writers above, maybe a mix of some, or is it completely different? Be sure to let us know!

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