Book Signing Experience for Marissa Meyer’s New Book

Check out my experience with Marissa Meyer’s book tour for her new book!

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There are four book covers from left to right, Renegades, Heartless, Instant Karma, and Cinder. With a Little luck is in the center, with a photo of author Marissa Meyer to the right.

Imagine this — you get to meet one of your favorite authors when she releases a new book. You’re excited but nervous since this is the first time in over a decade that you’ve been to a book signing. You have so much to say because the characters she’s written have meant so much to you, and you want to express your love for the characters that have changed your life. For me, getting to meet Marissa Meyer for her With a Little Luck book tour was exactly that and more.

Book cover of With a Little luck has orange background with sun setting as the two characters, Ari (holding a guitar) and Jude look at one another as they sit on sand.

I can recall my first time ever going to a book signing. It was October 2013 with Veronica Roth’s Allegiant. I designed shoes inspired by the book, and I felt the excitement of being with fans who just understood what loving a story was like. Fast forward to February 18, 2024. There I was at the Barnes & Noble Stevens Creek parking lot, getting ready to meet the author who wrote the Renegades series that I fell in love with when I was changing my career trajectory in my junior year of college.


As I lined up to check into the event area, I was so overwhelmingly happy. Some fans cosplayed with incredible tiaras and full character costumes, and some wore sweet references from Meyer’s books, from Heartless to all the books in the Lunar Chronicles series. Character art was also passed out to all the attendees. After waiting in my seat for a bit, delighted gasps echoed throughout the area at the glimpse of Marissa Meyer just a few steps away.

Character art work with Jude and Ari with Dungeons & Dragons dice shown with author signature.

As the Q&A started, Abigail Hing Wen, author of Loveboat, Taipei, started with questions about With a Little Luck, namely what inspired the story. Meyer cited different things such as Dungeons & Dragons and The Beatles, particularly for this book, which has the same name as the song by Paul McCartney & Wings. As we arrived at the audience Q&A questions, some fun ones asking about the 20-sided dice, and insightful writer questions were asked.

Book Signing Anticipation

With the Q&A at a close, the signing began. I lined up with everyone along the rows of DVDs and puzzles with copies of Archenemies, Supernova, Heartless, and With a Little Luck in tow. If I’m being honest, I was incredibly antsy trying to figure out what I wanted to say without jumbling up my words. By the time I finally perfected it, it was go time.

With the biggest smile on my face and nerves to the highest level, I took a breath and talked about how much Nova meant to me, especially with the details of her Filipino heritage like mentions of lumpia. In the short time I had to speak with her, I just talked about how thankful I was to her for writing Renegades in the first place. Though I was too overwhelmed to mention how this series helped me get back into my love for reading and was part of the catalyst for changing my career, I hope she felt the love I had for her books and writing overall.

Picture of article writer with author Marissa Meyer signing her books, with background of Marissa Meyer's books.

While I didn’t get to roll a 1 or 20 with the 20-sided dice she had to win a limited Marissa Meyer passport, I sure felt lucky to have experienced this book signing altogether.

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