Book Lovers Guide: What To Do on a Beautiful Day

Every day can be a beautiful day and I think everyone deserves one including book lovers! So what would a bookworm’s ideal and beautiful day be like?

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What exactly is a “beautiful day?” Is it when the weather is perfect outside because the sun is shining and the temperature is not too cold, but not too hot either? Or is it more about not having to worry about school and work where you’re able to focus on yourself and do things you love in your free time? I’m sure book lovers all have different ideas of what a beautiful day is.

A beautiful day is simply a day for seeking and finding all the beautiful things around you, even in every ordinary detail. So here’s a book lover’s guide for a beautiful day.

Rise and Shine!

Book lovers guide to a beautiful day

How does a bookworm wake up early? Trick question, we don’t! Let’s be honest, we would sleep in a bit longer. It’s after all a beautiful day and we all deserve our beauty sleep especially after staying up late to read. “Just one more chapter” you repeated throughout the night, because who can resist a good story? There’s no way we’re putting down the book that has us hooked right now. 

Morning Routine

And if perhaps, we get out of bed even later because we somehow ended up reading some more after waking up… well, that’s just the life of a bookworm. The perfect way to start the day is by drinking our favorite beverage such as coffee or tea. Then it’s probably time to light a candle, find your little reading corner with your drink, and read some more. 

Midday Adventures

Now it’s time for some adventures! All book-related, of course. It’s book shopping time, so why not head to a bookstore? Let’s be honest, it seems like all bookworms constantly feel the impulsive desire to buy books despite having bookshelves at home already filled with books we haven’t read yet. Another option is to support our local libraries. It’s another great place to get books plus checking out books helps the library’s circulation numbers. 

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The Rest of the Day

Once you’ve bought or checked out some books, it’s either time to head home or even find a pretty reading spot at the park or a café. And then you’ll simply pick up your book and read, but most of the time, your phone accidentally distracts you and you end up aimlessly scrolling for a few hours on social media. Maybe you come across some more book recommendations to add to your never-ending TBR list. Finally, after all that you return to your reading. And if you’re wanting to get your book nook ready for the holiday season, here is everything you’ll need for the perfect holiday book nook.

Lose and immerse yourself into a really good story and find all the beautiful details within the writing, characters, and plot. And that’s pretty much what a beautiful day for a book lover.

If you can’t tell, the perfect day for a book lover overall is reading all the time. For a bookworm, the best thing is being able to read anywhere and anytime no matter what. That means every day is a beautiful day if reading is a part of a book lover’s day.

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