Must-Read Body Neutrality Books That Will Reshape Your Life

Are you exhausted by diet culture? Tired of being told you’re too fat or too thin? We’ve got the perfect list of books you should check out.

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Day in and day out, the onslaught of diet ads, gym memberships, and miracle programs (75 Hard, anyone?) make their way into our daily lives. Thankfully, social media is finally catching on to the concept of body neutrality, which means there are some corners of the internet where those of us who don’t want to be incessantly hungry and overtired can find a like-minded community. Here are just a few books written by social media influencers to help you on your body neutrality journey.

Body neutrality is the concept that our bodies are NOT the entire summation of our worth, and where body positivity tells us to try always to love our body, body neutrality realizes that may not always be realistic and urges us to simply be grateful for the vessel which carries us through the turbulence of life. From now on, rather than buying into the expectations of society and making the resolution to lose pounds and add hours at the gym, try buying one of these books on body neutrality instead. 

More Than a Body: Your Body is an Instrument Not an Ornament by Lindsay Kite and Lexie Kite 

More Than a Body: Your Body is an Instrument Not an Ornament  by Lindsay Kite and Lexie Kite book cover

Twin sisters, PhDs, and founders of the nonprofit Beauty Redefined and More Than a Body LLC have revolutionized education for body neutrality seekers since 2009. More Than a Body is a reflection of their many years of research on the concept that your body is good, regardless of its physical appearance. Furthermore, this book acts as a guide for those seeking to transcend the aesthetically obsessed modern world so they can finally stop saying no to living their life because of how their bodies look and start living life to its fullest. 

You Are Not a Before Picture by Alex Light

You Are Not a Before Picture by alex Light, book cover.

An eating disorder survivor and Instagram influencer who is revolutionizing body acceptance, Light is an author who candidly attacks the billion-dollar industry that has had people (of all genders) questioning their weight and appearance through the constant comparison of before and after pictures. Supported by psychotherapists and fitness and nutrition experts, Light uses her book not only to attack and demonize diet culture but also to provide the building blocks for discovering lasting freedom from the reflection in the mirror. 

I Am More Than My Body by Bethany C. Meyers

I am more than my body by Bethany C. Meyers, book cover.

Founder of The Become Project, a body and gender-inclusive exercise program that focuses on how one feels before and after a workout rather than how one looks, Meyers (she/they) has been making huge splashes in the body neutrality pool for years. Her book, I Am More Than My Body, explores the depth of the body neutrality movement and what it actually means to feel neutral about one’s body. Rather than focusing on her own harrowing story (one in which Meyers beat a years-long battle with bulimia and compulsive exercising), they instead have chosen to use their book as a tool for guiding others through the process of becoming body neutral, as well as sharing the stories of other eating disorder survivors, fat advocates, and fitness experts, whose own take on body neutrality lend years of wisdom to an increasingly important movement. 

Hopefully, reading one (or all!) of these books will help give you a new mindset and new appreciation for your body!

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