Bloom Books Brings Indie Romance Authors to Mainstream Audiences

Bloom Books is giving Indie romance writers the recognition they deserve. Let’s take a look at this deserving new imprint!

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bloom books logo with authors: Lucy Scor, Kennedy Ryan, Meghan Quinn, and Ana Huang

It’s no secret that I am a lover of romance books. I read the gamut of subgenres, with very few icks when it comes to tropes. I especially love my Kindle Unlimited subscription, and so does my husband’s wallet, as I read A LOT! KU is mostly filled with indie authors trying to promote their stories and craft. Either these authors choose this route intentionally, as it’s very accessible in today’s publishing world, or they gave up on the traditional publishing companies and their insurmountable rejections. Regardless of the reason, I am thankful that they decided to publish that way.

Indie Published Authors Are Amazing

What’s upsetting, however, is the stigma that is still attached to indie publishing despite its more reputable foundation. Stigma’s like:

  • The quality of writing is subpar, or trade publishers would have taken it up.
  • They were rejected by “real” publishers.
  • Indie-published authors aren’t truly published authors. (Superiority complex much?)

Due to those stigmas, many wonderful authors and books go undiscovered in the mainstream market, which is a damn shame. However, there are many instances where indie authors catch the attention of trade publishers due to their popularity and are then offered trade contracts. I recently discovered Bloom Books due to this very thing. One of my favorite indie rom-com authors, Lucy Score, was picked up, and her books have hit retailers in a fantastic way!

Discovering Bloom Books

This was about a year and a half ago, and most recently another of my favs, Meghan Quinn, was signed with Bloom Books, and I couldn’t love them more. So, of course, I had to do some investigating to see who else they represented. Because if they’re signing the likes of Lucy and Meghan, they’re most definitely going to have more authors and their stories that I’m going to love! And I was so right!

According to their website, Bloom Books “celebrates authors whose books have forged new paths in publishing and all the readers who have supported them in their creative journeys.” And isn’t that just the best way to forge an amazing relationship with romance authors and readers alike?

Not only is Bloom Books publishing new stories by these amazingly talented indie authors, but they’re also publishing select (and hopefully, eventually all) backlist books. New authors are announced on their Instagram account, along with publishing dates, signings, and so much more!

Authors Bloom Books Represents

To save you a bit of trouble looking into who they’re currently representing, here is a small list:

For a full list, click here.

If you’re an indie romance author who wants to expand into the trade publishing market but wants a publisher who knows your genre inside and out, check out Bloom Books!

Now, I’m going to go peruse their site some more and await the newsletters to hit my email!

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