Beyond the Now: Expanding Your Mind With Transformative Poetry

This list offers three poetry books sure to help you gain control over your own mind with new hope, love, and serenity.

Poetry & Drama Recommendations
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We often become so consumed with ourselves, our lives, and our stresses. The pressure of work, school, or relationships can leave us feeling trapped in our current situations. Through its intimate and introspective form, poetry offers a unique reading experience. Poets, with their propensity to vulnerability, hold an immense power to touch the hearts of their readers and help them see past the now, and look forward to a better future. This list offers 3 poetry books who’s transformative touch, will help you gain control over your own mind with new hope, love, and serenity.

Beyond Thoughts by Joseph Nguyen

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Through Nguyen’s prose, the reader will find a new way of separating the self and the mind. His introspective poetry helps readers escape their negative thought patterns, and move past their anxieties and suffering. If you’re looking for how to let go, and let in love, explore the mind with Joseph Nguyen in Beyond Thoughts

Beyond Worthy by Jacqueline Whitney

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Moving into another space beyond, Whitney’s Beyond Worthy is a place of healing. Her short, freeform poetry holds perfect daily sentiments for the reader. Whitney’s gentle reminders guide the reader to reevaluate their self worth, and give them hope for a better future. For those struggling with anxiety, self-doubt, and finding hope, and are looking for a helping hand of encouragement, grab a hold of this book.

Beyond Poetry by Natarsha

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In only 51 pages, the powerful poet Natarsha transforms the minds of the reader. Delving into the complexities of life and the idea of success, the poetry in this book is perfect for anyone who is looking to reclaim their life, and find their purpose. Her sincerity bleeds like ink off the pages, guaranteeing the reader a calming, and impactful experience. 

It is evident that these three authors aim to take the readers to a better place – beyond their worries, beyond their past, and beyond themselves. Their poetry offers new knowledge and a greater perspective, allowing for a new freedom and sense of hope.

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