Beloved Children’s Author Maurice Sendak’s Art Lives on in New Book

The tales from Maurice Sendak live on with a new children’s book. Read on to see how the late Sendak’s six-decade-long career continues to inspire.

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The image features a brown rabbit in the bottom right corner, facing the book cover with blue letters titled, "The Little Rabbits." A little boy magician is featured with a top hat, wand, and three rabbits.

While he was widely known for his work in creating Where the Wild Things Are, the late Maurice Sendak had a long history of incredible artistry through children’s books, writing, directing, and even stage design. With the new release of Ten Little Rabbits, his illustrations and storytelling continue to reach new eyes. From children to aspiring artists, his work invites everyone to walk alongside his characters, following their path through the journey of his creation.

A Familiar Face 

Where the Wild Things Are cover by Maurice Sendak, a beast sleeping in a forest.

Having a vast array of children’s books that spanned decades, new and old fans can dive into Ten Little Rabbits with a lens of familiarity when they first meet Mino the Magician. Not only does Mino seem reminiscent of Sendak’s previous main characters, but he also shares a resemblance to the author himself, an aspect of these characters that Sendak acknowledged as being somewhat ridiculous versions of himself, but self-portraits nonetheless.

Ten Little Rabbits cover by Maurice Sendak, a boy surrounded by three rabbits.

This familiarity could also possibly be attributed to the fact that Ten Little Rabbits was initially an addition to Nutshell Library, a set of Sendak’s older stories that taught children the alphabet, counting, rhyming, and more that came out in 1962.

Nutshell Library cover by Maurice Sendak, a little boy and a lion reading at a table.

Art Lives On

Perhaps his legacy is similar to his studio, a continuous presence that doesn’t change but continues to inspire. Young readers are not the only ones impacted by his work — artists are also supported. Those pursuing illustration can experience a four-week residency in a rural setting to focus on their craft through The Sendak Fellowship. Overall, The Maurice Sendak Foundation seeks to not only honor Sendak’s legacy but also to uplift artists and the arts.

The Maurice Sendak Foundation Logo featuring a character from Where the Wild Things Are.

His work continues to come to life in big ways. This fall, the Denver Art Museum will be opening Wild Things: The Art of Maurice Sendak to the public. From October 13, 2024, to February 17, 2025, visitors will be able to experience Sendak’s artistry from paintings to processes and more.

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