Authors Who Broke Tradition: E-Book Edition

These writers sought to make their voices heard on their own terms. Check out these 4 female authors who hit the ground running by self-publishing.

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Believe it or not, writing the book is the easy part for authors. 

Picture this, you just completed your book. You poured your heart and soul into your work. Now, all that’s left is to get it published. Well, now all you gotta do is find a competent literary agent. Shouldn’t be too hard, seeing that there’s only a gazillion to choose from.

Once you finally seed out the pros from the questionable, you have to waste more time writing a legendary query letter. Not to mention hoping that your would-be agent will vibe with your literary vision. In case your brain hasn’t melted yet, did I mention that this process can sometimes take years?

If you were looking for some tips on how to secure an agent, then I’m afraid this ain’t the article for you. What I am going to share with you is a list of authors that said to hell with tradition and carved their own way. 

How did they do it? Easy. They made their own E-Books.

Lucy Score

Author Lucy Score holds a stack of her bestsellers

Lucy Score made her claim to fame in 2015 when she published her debut story, Pretend You’re Mine, on Amazon. This, later on, proved to be a major success when her novel became a bestseller on the Amazon Kindle Store. Before finally taking the writing plunge, Score acquired a degree in journalism and spent years writing blogs, essays, and articles. Now, Score has made millions off her works and is currently almost finished with her Knockemout trilogy.

K.A. Tucker

author K.A. Tucker poses by a brick wall

K.A. Tucker is best known for her contemporary romance stories, such as Ten Tiny Breaths. With those books, Tucker took the traditional route and got a publisher to back her up. But few probably know that before Tucker got signed, she originally took the indie route and published a YA series called Casual Enchantment. The series helped Tucker secure a loyal fanbase, which eventually helped her land a massive book deal. 

H.M. Ward

author H.M. Ward - headshot in black and white

H.M. Ward is a New York Times bestselling author that has sold over 23 million books. Ward is best known for her contemporary romance series, The Arrangement: Ferro Family. At the beginning of Ward’s career, she was extremely dissatisfied with the publishing industry and decided to self-publish her works as e-books. Seeing that she is one of the most well-known romance writers in the US, I’d say that she made the right move.

Rupi Kaur

authors who broke tradition - rupi kaur

If you are a poetry buff, you’ve surely already heard of Rupi Kaur. In 2014, she made waves when she published her first collection, Milk and Honey, independently. Her work received rave reviews from critics such as USA Today, The Guardian, and many more. 

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