Anna Marie Tendler’s Memoir Never Mentions John Mulaney

Anna Marie Tendler’s upcoming book is reported to shockingly have no mention of her ex-husband John Mulaney. Read on to learn more about this memoir.

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Book cover of "Men Have Called Her Crazy" on the left and a picture of John Mulaney with a red circle with a slash throughout on top on the right.

When artist Anna Marie Tendler’s memoir Men Have Called Her Crazy was announced, many people were hoping it would be filled with juicy gossip about her ex-husband, comedian and Emmy winner John Mulaney. Their divorce was a highly publicized event, and people still believe there is more to the story than what they were told. Not to mention that the title seems fitting for a story of divorce. However, it does not look like everyone will get the stories that they were hoping for.

It was recently announced that Mulaney would not be mentioned in Tendler’s memoir at all. While that has created disappointment, there also might be some more intrigue about what Tendler will talk about.

Trigger Warning: Content within this article mentions addictive drug usage and mental health crisis; please take care when reading

The Original Announcement

Tendler revealed to everyone on her Instagram on March 5th that she would be releasing a memoir. The book is set to come out on August 13th of this year and will be published by Simon and Schuster.

Book cover of "Men Have Called Her Crazy" with a shirtless woman (Anna Marie Tendler) laying on a bed with an intricate wall pattern and a small light.

In the caption of her Instagram post, she talked about how this book was many years in the making and that this is the work that she has been the proudest about making. Tendler also said in the caption, “It is a story about mental health, about being a woman, about family. And finally, about the endless source of my heartbreak and rage—men.”

It sounds like Tendler has a lot to work through in her book. While her ex-husband may be left out, she will likely have a lot of stories to tell.

The Speculation About John Mulaney

Considering she mentioned in her Instagram caption that the book would be about heartbreak and her rage against men, it seemed only natural that those two things would be directed towards a significant relationship in her life. Specifically, it is a relationship that had a significant ending. Mulaney and Tendler announced their divorce in May of 2021. This announcement came a few months after Mulaney was in rehab for drug addiction, so there were already a lot of questions about his personal life. Around a week after the separation announcement, it was revealed that Mulaney was dating actress Olivia Munn, with whom he later had a baby in November of that year. It is unknown if infidelity was involved on Mulaney’s side. Whether or not there was, it was still a wild year for the formerly happy couple.

John Mulaney in a brown suit doing stand-up holding a microphone with a long wire in front of a bright purple striped background with yellow stripes.

Mulaney and Tendler seemed like a terrific couple to Mulaney’s fans, as he always seemed to speak fondly of her in his stand-up specials. They had been married for almost seven years. To his young fans, the divorce felt out of the blue, and it almost felt like this divorce was the fans’ parents getting divorced. Neither Mulaney nor Tendler revealed the exact timeline of how everything went down, and it looked like some of that timeline was going to come out in Tendler’s memoir. People thought they were finally going to learn what happened to this magnetic couple. However, Mulaney and Tendler could have come to an agreement about not revealing any personal details of their separation. Also, Tendler likely wants this book to focus on her, not her famous ex-husband.

John Mulaney’s Fame and Struggles

Over the years, Mulaney has built up quite a reputation in the comedy world. He got his start as a writer on Saturday Night Live, where he would often appear on the show’s popular Weekend Update. His popularity then grew through his seat-filled stand-up specials on Netflix, including New Kid in Town and Kid Gorgeous. Mulaney also had a successful stint on Broadway with his show Oh, Hello, where he performed with fellow comedian Nick Kroll. The two also star in Netflix’s adult animated series Big Mouth. Through all of his work, Mulaney developed a devoted following of people who idolized him. That is what made his stay in rehab more shocking.

John Mulaney doing stand -up in a red suit holding a microphone with a long wire and a red background with bright pink rectangles.

Mulaney built up a clean-cut image through his comedy. While he had talked about a long-ago past using drugs, he had become a coiffed suit-wearing man who was devoted to his wife. That is how people saw him. When he went to rehab in late 2020, people were stunned about Mulaney going back to drug abuse. They thought he changed. Nevertheless, drug addiction can be difficult to fully get over. The lack of structure through the pandemic could have been a part of the return to drugs, but no one knows for sure. It is also not sure the full effect that the drug abuse had on Mulaney and Tendler’s marriage and if it was a driving force to the end. People supported Mulaney’s work to get better. However, that does not mean, even with the drug problems, that they are on his side in the divorce.

Anna Marie Tendler’s Backstory

Tendler has a long career doing a variety of art, working with different mediums. Originally, Tendler was a makeup artist, doing makeup tutorials online and working as a makeup artist in New York City. Tendler even wrote some books about makeup and hair tips. She also became successful in doing makeup for various Broadway and television shows. She has shifted her career since her makeup beginnings to do different types of art. She owns a business called Silk Parlor, which specializes in Victorian lampshades. In recent years, she has gotten into photography and has posted some of her work on Instagram. She has also been selling some of her artwork at different art fairs. Tendler’s work has changed a lot, but she has expressed a lot of creativity every step of the way.

Anna Marie Tendler and John Mulaney standing in a well-lit apartment.

On a more serious note, Tendler has had some dark moments in recent years. Around the time of her divorce, she was put into a psychiatric hospital. This placement was due to depression, mental breakdown, and suicidal ideation. This information was not known right away. Tendler talked about what had happened around two years after her stay in an essay for Elle. She also did not get into specifics, but her writing shows that the divorce had broken her, but she was able to pick herself back up later on. While an important time of her life, the psychiatric stay was actually not why Tendler wrote the essay. She wrote it to mourn the recent (at the time) death of her beloved French bulldog, Petunia. Tendler was very close to that dog, and it was difficult to say goodbye. She has been through a lot, and the book will likely be a way for her to let most of her struggles out.

As human beings, we usually have a desire to get the exciting and shocking details of a public situation, especially when that situation involves a celebrity relationship. When Tendler announced her book, her supporters were ready for her to absolutely eviscerate Mulaney. Many people felt that he broke her heart and cheated on her. The fans were ready to hear everything that he did. However, Tendler is going to focus on her personal journey in this book, and she will not use her husband to explain that journey. Mulaney has been doing many stand-up shows since their divorce, and he has not talked about her at all in these shows. Tendler is extending that same courtesy to him, and that was likely a decision made together. So, on August 13th, we will learn about other men who called Tendler crazy and why.

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