Anansi Boys Set to be Released as New Comic Book Adaptation

Learn more about the new comic adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s book which is set to release this summer!

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Three variations of comic book art covers are shown, all titled Anansi Boys

If you’re eagerly anticipating the Amazon adaptation of Anansi Boys or want to see different art forms take on the story, you’re just in luck! Charlie Nancy’s journey will soon be walking through the panels of a new comic book adaptation, with an eight-issue miniseries to look forward to. Following the story of Anansi Boys written by Neil Gaiman, which was first published in 2005, the transpiring of events in Charlie’s life after the sudden appearance of a brother he’s never met and learning his father’s true identity as Anansi, the trickster, spider god, is sure to bring adventure in comic book form.

Book cover with white background and orange, red, and yellow paint in the middle. Title reads Anansi Boys, with the author Neil Gaiman written on the top.

Behind the Comic

An incredible and talented group of people has taken on the task of bringing this story to life through comics. From the artwork to the words on the page, much excitement has been brought to this project. Eisner Award-nominated artist Shawn Martinbrough draws the book, while colorist and letterer Chris Sotomayor and Jim Campbell take on coloring and letters, respectively.

Comic Book Cover with man in an orange suit and hat, a spider web in front of him and another man in the center, with a spider next to him. The title reads, Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys

Of course, the story itself is incredibly important, and Marc Bernardin adapts it from the book to the comic. Bernardin, whose decision to pursue a career in fiction is in part accredited to his discovery of The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, was excited to bring this story to the comic book realm to tell a rich and beautiful Black story about Black lives that got to capture African folklore too.

With the offer from Gaiman himself to take on the project, we’ll soon be able to see Anansi Boys through Bernardin’s writing. Get ready for the artwork and storytelling, as the first issue of Anansi Boys will be coming out this summer on June 26th.

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