Amazon Removes Kindle Purchases for Android

Bad news for Android-using bookworms. Amazon is now removing Kindle purchases due to new Google Play guidelines.

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Amazon has removed purchases from the Kindle app for Android users in compliance with a new Google Store policy that says developers must use the Google billing system.

According to PCMag, Google used to allow some developers, including Amazon, to use their billing systems in Android apps rather than using Google Pay. However, they are now enforcing the rule. This has led Amazon to remove purchases entirely.

Amazon had begun this process early last month, canceling audiobook orders. Amazon has also removed the ability to purchase ebooks through the Kindle app and halted Amazon music purchases. They are not the only company to do this either. Barnes & Noble announced that it would no longer sell ebooks, audiobooks, or anything else from the Nook App on Android Devices.

Both companies will still offer digital content through their websites, and Amazon will still sell physical books through its Android app as well.