Amazing Outdoor Bookish Ideas for Parents and Kids To Do Together

Looking for fun bookish activities to do outdoors with the family? Here’s a short list of ideas!

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Going outside when the weather is sunny and nice is a great way to keep children entertained. It’s even better when parents join in, making it a fun family experience. There are a number of exciting activities to do, and some of the best ones relate to books. Read on for suggestions.

Read Outside

A little girl reading a book next to a tree.

This one is pretty simple, but there’s something different about reading outside. Whether this is at the beach, a park, or even just your backyard, it’s a great way for everyone to soak up the sunshine while indulging in one of the world’s greatest delights: books. And, depending on their age, the kids could practice reading out loud to their parents.

Visit a Place Mentioned in a Book

A distant image of Chicago including the park.

This one might be a little harder, but if you can, this would be a great way to spend a day. It could be a city, a landmark, a building, etc. — whatever is feasible. Visiting a place from a book makes it feel more real, almost like the book’s events really did/could happen. And it also shows kids more of the world around them and sparks their curiosity.

Travel to Outdoor Bookshops (if Available)

Outdoor bookshop with tables and chairs.

What could possibly be better than finding and buying great books while also enjoying the outdoors? Plus, since they’re outside, parents won’t have to worry as much about their kids running around or being too noisy. If they’re possible to find, heading to an outdoor bookshop could make for a day full of fun — without cleaning out your pockets.

Enact Book/Movie Scenes

A man, woman, and two children running outside.

For this out-of-the-box activity, parents and kids can choose a relatively simple scene from a book and see if they can act it out. It’s like starring in your own mini production, and it’s sure to engage all involved. It can help kids process books better and lead to a better understanding of character and plot. Plus, it’s just fun!

Create Stories Based on Nature

A closeup of tall flowers with mountains in the background.

Point at a tree, a flower, clouds, or anything in nature, and start a story based around that. Stories don’t have to stay nature-themed, but it’s a simple way to get one started. It flexes those creative muscles and is an easy, relaxing activity for parents and kids to enjoy. Kids are hilarious, so this is sure to be full of laughter and fun.

Play Pretend

A young child holding fabric behind them as it billows as they run.

Have you ever picked up a big stick and pretended it was a wizard’s staff, a cane, or a hiking stick? Playing pretend is such a fun activity that engages people of all ages. Kids have vivid imaginations, and matching that energy is sure to delight them. Plus, who doesn’t want to act out their own story?

Go on Scavenger Hunts

Six children gathered around a scavenger hunt map.

If contained within a space, such as a backyard, scavenger hunts can be for all who wish to join in the fun. Parents could set up the hunt, or the kids could do it. It could easily be book-themed, whether that’s finding books outside or getting inspiration from books to hide the clues. It can be challenging enough to really put kids’ minds to the test, but not so challenging, particularly for younger kids, that it takes away the fun.

With these fun outdoor ideas, anyone can get into the spirit of books while enjoying the sunny weather! See if you can also come up with your own ideas based on books that are entertaining for you and your family!

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