Alexandra Bracken’s New Arthurian Novel ‘Silver In The Bone’

Ready for an adventure where modern-day meets fairytale? ‘Silver In The Bone’ is the perfect Arthurian novel with action, adventure, and romance.

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Alexandra Bracken is known for being the New York Times Bestselling author of fantasy novels. She has now conjured up a new ‘romantasy’ with mystery, enemies to lovers, and Arthurian legends and Celtic mythology. Her new Arthurian novel, Silver In The Bone, is a high-stakes duology for any fantasy lover that fuses folklore and modernity. While reading this gripping story, prepare for dark and dangerous enchantresses, powerful curses, and the quest for lost artifacts. Through a contemporary backdrop, feminist themes, and expansive world-building, this new duology is perfect for fans that enjoy crossovers between fairytales/fables with modern times.

The Plot In Silver In The Bone

Tamsin Lark is a mortal with no magic– a Hollower. She wasn’t blessed with the One Vision or the ability to see beneath the magical haven. She wasn’t meant to break into ancient crypts, hunt for any form of treasure, and especially not compete with sorceresses and Cunningfolk for these magical prizes. However, when her thieving foster father never returns, 10 years go by and it’s just her and her brother, Cabell against the world. They survive and do what they must stay alive. 

Rumors claim their guardian vanished with a powerful ring from Arthurian legend. This could be her chance to save Cabell from his curse and live a fulfilling life. However, when she runs into her rival Emrys, it proves that the ring must exist. As greedy Hollowers and magic wielders circle in, she has no choice but to team up with Emrys, hopefully temporarily, to edge out her competitors and race for the ring. They are faced with dark magic, deadly secrets, and the past, which could shatter her last hope of saving her brother.

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My Thoughts After Reading Silver In The Bone

I am a huge fan of fantasy and romance. This was more adventure and mystery than romance, but I was drawn to the nuances of the enemies-to-lovers trope. What stood out to me that was devastatingly strong was Tamsin and Cabell’s relationship as orphaned siblings. They were under the ‘care’ of a guardian who is a treasure thief. Although their bond is strong through troubled times, it is obvious how they’ve become different as their vulnerability shows throughout the novel. 

Tamsin and Cabell’s relationship drastically changes once Tamsin begins to question her judgment on what’s best for Cabell and Cabell trying not to feel like a burden or a cruel puzzle to solve. 

Trust comes deeply through this novel. As the story progresses Tamsin has to work together with her arch-rival, Emrys, who is known for his infamous Cunningfolk father, so it seems ‘obvious’ that he would follow in his father’s footsteps. However, despite their differences, they both have one goal which is to find the famous ring.

Neve and Emrys

One character who doesn’t get much limelight but is still important is Neve. I enjoyed Neve’s character and connection with Tamsin because she is good-natured and willing to open up. Upon joining Tamsin, Emrys, and Cabell on their quest, she brings out open-mindedness and helps Tamsin get out of her shell. Many questions are unanswered and people to stay wary of, but she sets the goal to study up and find her inner power all while facing the unknown.

Emrys had some progressive development when it came to Tamsin and his connection. I could already sense the arc that was set up for him, a famous father in the magical world yet he needs to always be the best and exceed expectations. I was rooting for him and Tamsin as they became more vulnerable with each other, however, the ending plot twist has me thinking Bracken has more in store for him in the second book. 

Want Your Own Copy?

 Silver In The Bone will be released on April 4, 2023. If you want to read more of Alexandra Bracken’s work try reading The Darkest Minds SeriesPassenger Series, and Lore. Preorder Silver In The Bone on Penguin Random House.

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