Adventurous Outlander Prequel Scores New Stars

The tantalizing new Outlander prequel has added four new faces to its stellar cast! Read on for more details.

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new cast members of outland series with the book and dvd images

When meeting bookish people, the conversation of favorite books is often followed by favorite television series. The seemingly naive question can be answered a thousand ways, from “Oh, I don’t watch much TV. I just read” (Yeah, right!) to “I can’t possibly choose because I just watched this amazing series called One Day. Still, it’s so different from this series called Slow Horses that I have to tell you about… Oh, and my absolute favorite is Outlander, but only the first three seasons because well… have you seen it? What did you think?”

…Or is that just me?

Our Almost-Favorite Show

The seven-season adaptation (to become eight seasons in total) of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander franchise has caught the attention of literally millions since its induction in 2014. The first three seasons of the show take place primarily in the Scottish Highlands during the Jacobite Rising and then follow its aftermath through the disintegration of Highland culture by the British Empire. 

On left is Claire Beachamp and on right is Jamie Fraser holding her hand. This is from the first season of Outlander.

After season three, the show follows the primary characters, Claire and Jamie Fraser, to North Carolina, where they live during the lead-up to the Revolutionary War. To fans’ dismay, after Season Four, the show has a serious dip in tempo, and it never quite regains the excitement and allure that it held when it followed the original characters of the Mackenzie Clan — clad in kilts and tartan — in their native, magical homeland. 

Hope Renewed 

So, when Starz announced that there would be a prequel to the series, entitled Blood of My Blood, which would follow the parents of James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, lovers of the show rejoiced. The official series’ description states

The series will center on these two parallel love stories set in two different time periods, with Jamie’s parents in the early 18th century Scottish Highlands and Claire’s parents in WWI England.


Perhaps, they thought, there would be a chance for the rustic dreaminess of the Scottish Highlands to return to the screen once more, with the grittiness of war and some new characters — as well as some old — for viewers to fall in love with. 

To add to viewers’ excitement, Starz announced this week the four newest cast members to the show who will be tasked with bringing back the old spark of the original series. Here are the newest stars of the upcoming Outlander prequel!

Rory Alexander

On left is a film still of Rory Alexander, on right is Duncan Lacroix dressed as Murtagh in Outlander.

Alexander, known for Pistol, will take over a rough-speaking Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser, originally played by Duncan Lacroix in Outlander.

Sam Retford

On the left is Sam Retford dressed casually and on the right is Graham McTavish as Dougal MacKenzie in Outlander.

Retford is known for his turn on Channel 4’s Ackley Bridge and will don the cap of Dougal MacKenzie, who was originally portrayed by Graham McTavish.

Séamus McLean Ross

Photo of Gary Lewis dressed as Colum MacKenzie in Outlander.

McLean Ross is best known on television for his supporting role in Rebus. He will be playing Colum MacKenzie, formerly played by Gary Lewis.

Conor MacNeill

On left is a film still of Conor McNeil looking surprised. On the right is Bill Paterson dressed as the jovial looking Ned Gown, holding a scroll of paper.

The actor, best known for BBC’s The Tourist, will play Ned Gowan, originally played by Bill Paterson in Outlander.

Joining An Already Stellar Cast

The foursome are the final additions to the Blood of My Blood cast. They will join show leads Harriet Slater (as Jamie’s mother, Ellen MacKenzie), Jamie Roy (as Jamie’s father, Brian Fraser), Hermione Corfield (as Claire’s mother, Julia Moriston), and  Jeremy Irvine (as Claire’s father, Henry Beachamp). Needless to say, this Outlander lover cannot wait for these actors to bring new life to Diana Gabaldon’s beloved historical fantasy world!

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