Actress Cerina Vincent Shines Light on Diversity With New Children’s Book

Cerina Vincent, actress and author, has made a new contribution to children’s books about diversity in her recent years as a mother.

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There is a long list of celebrities who are also authors, but how many have written children’s books about diversity? Cerina Vincent took on such a task with her new release Everybody Has a Belly Button, which came from her experience of becoming a mother in recent years.

About Everybody Has a Belly Button:

Vincent’s book starts the conversation of race and equality between parent and child from an early age. It uses rhyme to teach babies and toddlers who are learning their body parts that people’s different eyes, hair, and skin “make everybody special, like a rainbow.”

Each page features digital watercolor illustrations by Zoi Hunter, a self-taught, eighteen-year-old artist. She began selling her paintings at age 12 as an unschooler and has since had work displayed in the African art museum Bronze Kingdom.

About Cerina Vincent:

Cerina Vincent
Image via Cerina Vincent on Facebook

Everybody Has a Belly Button is Vincent’s first-ever children’s book. She was an actress long before she became an author, starring in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Cabin Fever, and more. She published a series of women’s self-help books with Jodi Lipper between 2008 and 2010—How to Eat Like a Hot Chick, How to Love Like a Hot Chick, and Live Like a Hot Chick.

Ultimately, it was the birth of her son combined with the death of George Floyd that brought her back into the publishing world nearly a decade later.

You might know the actress from her role as Suzy Diaz, a mother of seven in Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle. But did you know her part matched her childhood dream of having children, something she had been told for years that she couldn’t have? Her only option was to freeze her eggs, or so her doctor said.

Cerina Vincent with newborn son
Image via Cerina Vincent on Facebook

She proved her doctor wrong in February 2019, giving birth to Nicola Vincent Apollo Estes. And it was through her desire to teach him about racial equality after George Floyd was killed that Everybody Has a Belly Button took shape.

The Inspiration Behind The Book:

In Vincent’s parenting podcast Raising Amazing, she said that her son, fourteen months old at the time, was “obsessed with belly buttons.” When she saw what happened to George Floyd on television, she was compelled to teach Nico a rhyme relating body parts to race and equality that she would soon pass on to other parents.

“In that actual moment, I said to Nico, ‘Everybody has a belly button. Everybody has toes, everybody has eyes, everybody has a nose, everybody has skin.’ And I walked him through the different colors of skin, and I said this little poem to him, and he loved it. I put him down for a nap, I sat down at my computer, and I wrote the book.”

Join us next Thursday for an Instagram Live interview with Cerina Vincent about her book on @bookstrofficial.

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