ACOTAR Gift Guide: To The Gifters Who Listen

“To the gifters who listen — and the wishlists that are answered.” Check out this ACOTAR gift guide!

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A group picture of all 5 ACOTAR books in the series

The holidays are officially in full swing! It’s the magical time of year when everyone comes together to celebrate the holidays… and the time for gift shopping! If you have a reader in your life, there are a slew of options to buy for them. With the popularity of certain series, there are even themed items you can pick for the reader in your life. If that person happens to be a reader and a fan of A Court of Thorns and Roses, this is the gift guide for you!

ACOTAR Coloring Book

"A Court of Thorns and Roses Coloring Book"; a red book with a half colored in Feyre scene picture

Does the reader in your life enjoy being creative as well? This coloring book is perfect for taking a break from the day and relaxing by bringing their favorite characters to life. Stress also comes with reading this series, so it’s a perfect gift! You can bundle this book with a nice pack of colored pencils, a mug, fuzzy socks, and candy!

Themed Stickers

A collection of 6 character stickers made by Aluria on RedBubble.

The sticker company RedBubble has an ungodly amount of themed ACOTAR stickers to choose from so it will be difficult to choose just a few. If you happen to know your reader’s favorite quotes, book in the series, and character, it will go a long way in narrowing down your sticker search. Your reader will be able to show off their new piece of artwork on their water bottle, computer, car, and more!

Clothing Merchandise

A black sweatshirt with a Velaris scene in gold; created by iPrintasty Co on Etsy

Like RedBubble, Etsy also has a large amount of merchandise from various sellers for ACOTAR. Any item of clothing you could ask for is available — choose wisely! Your reader can read at home while wearing these or go out book shopping, repping their favorite series! It’s always fun to see people wearing book merch while book shopping, so let them be part of that as well!

Fanart Prints

Two matching fanart prints of Feyre and Rhysand holding each other

Is your reader a fan of artwork? Fanart prints are always popular within the book community. Your reader can have a print as small as a bookmark or as big as a framed picture to put on their library wall. CrisolCrowlingShop on Etsy as well as other artists on the platform are some of the best places to get quality artwork.

Custom Mini Book Ornament

A custom clear ornament ball filled with mini books inside

Custom book ornaments have been quite popular in recent times within the book-lover community. Some people decide to DIY them themselves, while others go the easier route and buy them from crafters. You can make this ornament completely ACOTAR-themed or include the series with some of your reader’s favorite books as well for a more full ornament.

Embosser Stamp

A black stamp saying "From the library of Kaitlyn William"; with three stars above mountains in the middle of the stamp that is stamped on white paper

Readers have also been enjoying book embossers/stamps to personalize the books in their library. If your reader happens to have a personal library filled to the brim with books, you may want to check out a stamp to put a personalized dazzle on their growing collection. If it’s ACOTAR themed you may get even more brownie points.


The 5 book set collection of A Court of Thorns and Roses

Maybe the reader in your life has voiced the want to read the series, but doesn’t have the books yet! You can treat them to the full book set or buy the missing books they’re potentially missing. Nothing beats the feeling of being a book lover and receiving books for gifts! You can even pair the books with all of the previous suggestions if your budget allows you to.

With this gift guide, I hope I can help relieve some of your gift-shopping worries. You can also use this list to look for items from other fandoms; this system never fails! If you’re out holiday shopping, make sure to stay safe and get some good deals!

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